Ricard Foye Reveals if He Would Play ‘Survivor’ Again

Ricard Foye

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On “Survivor,” Ricard Foye was the cunning strategist who was willing to take big swings to make it to the finale. The Washington native proved to be a fearsome competitor after he helped orchestrate a plan to blindside his number one ally, Shan Smith.

The 31-year-old quickly became a fan favorite and viewers were devastated when Ricard was eliminated on day 24 and sent to jury. The father-of-two didn’t take home the million dollar prize this time, but he hinted that he wasn’t opposed to playing “Survivor” again in a recent Instagram post.

Ricard Teases His ‘Survivor’ Return

In a lengthy December 27 Instagram post, Ricard took the opportunity to thank his husband Andy and his loved ones for supporting him on his “Survivor” journey.

He wrote in the caption, “Thank you Andy, for being the amazing human you are, working so hard to take care of our family while I was gone, and selflessly allowing me to have my experience. The loved ones who make it possible for the cast to go are so often not appreciated enough.”

Ricard also let fans know that he hopes this isn’t the end of his “Survivor” journey. He wrote, “Survivor will always be a huge part of my life. This wasn’t a blip and hopefully it’s not a one time thing. Survivor is a passion for me and many players before me.”

“Survivor” fans congratulated Ricard on his impressive gameplay in the comments and shared that they hope the flight attendant returns for an All-Stars season. One fan wrote, “Loved watching you Ricard! I really hope to see you back on Survivor in a future season!” Another Instagram user chimed in, writing, “We will see you again: I’m certain of this. You’re too brilliant to be a one-time player. All the best to you and your family.”

Ricard Wanted Erika to Win

Ricard has made it clear in his exit interviews that he was team Erika Casupanan all the way. In a December 2021 interview with Parade, Ricard told the publication that he was willing to do anything to ensure the Toronto native walked away with the million-dollar prize.

“I knew exactly what I wanted to do going in [to jury],” he told the outlet. “I knew that I wanted Erika to win, and I was going to do anything in my power to ensure she won. I just felt that Erika and Heather played the best game of the four remaining. And depending on which of the two of them were to outlast, that’s who I was going to be rooting for.”

Ricard felt strongly that Erika played a better game than Deshawn and Xander, but he recently revealed that he would have cast his vote for Heather over Erika if they were both in the final three.

On an episode of the “Drop Your Buffs” podcast, Ricard told hosts Evan Ross Katz and Sean Ross that Erika and Heather played very similar games, but Heather had a bigger target on her back. He told Evan and Sean that he felt Heather’s ability to stay in the game despite people wanting her out made her game more impressive.

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