WATCH: Romeo Escobar Believes He Will Be Claiming the ‘Survivor’ Crown

Romeo Escobar

YouTube Romeo Escobar in a "Survivor 42" secret scene.

After the dramatic elimination of 34-year-old Canadian-American Drea Wheeler on Wednesday night’s episode, “Survivor 42” has six contestants remaining. Although there seem to be five main contenders, with 37-year-old pageant coach Romeo Escobar more or less out of contention given his sporadic strategy and lack of work ethic, Romeo doesn’t seem to think so.

In a newly-released secret scene, Romeo reveals that he believes he has what it takes to become season 42’s Sole Survivor:

Romeo Wants to Claim His ‘Survivor Sash’ & ‘Survivor Crown’

Episode 11 Secret Scene (Survivor 42)Featuring Romeo2022-05-12T15:46:20Z

An episode 11 secret scene released by CBS Thursday (above) shows the final 7 contestants sitting around the fire on Day 20, the day after the blindside of Hai Giang. After catching a slough of fish, 29-year-old Jonathan Young, who it was shown in the episode was suffering from quite a bit of malnourishment, taste tests one of the fish as they are cooking. (“The scales are gross,” he says, “But it’s food.”)

After nearly three weeks of starvation, even Romeo is tempted to try one of the fish.

“I’m so hungry, I’ll eat anything,” he says in a confessional. “But nothing is easy on ‘Survivor.’ As long as you survive another day and you’re still here, there’s still a possibility of you winning, and I have to keep reminding myself of that. I’m still here! I’m still here.”

Back at camp, Romeo does indeed proceed to follow Jonathan and tentatively try one of the fish. Surprisingly, he actually describes it as “good,” prompting several of the other contestants to give it a taste themselves. The general consensus seems to be that these weird, tiny scaly fish are indeed actually all right, or at least edible…at least on “Survivor.”

Romeo Wants to Claim His ‘Survivor Sash’ & ‘Survivor Crown’

In the secret scene, Romeo then proceeds to make an analogy between his job as a pageant coach in California, and the game of “Survivor.”

He explains that Day 20 of a pageant would be the preliminary rounds, where the contestants have “already shown what they have to offer: their speaking abilities, how much they worked out for that swimsuit competition, how much bling does that dress have, who has the highest heels, [etc].”

Now, on the home stretch, he says that the “next step is the final, and I’m gonna do whatever I have to do to get to the end.” Indeed, getting to the end may not be the difficult part for Romeo. Based on the edit of several episodes since the merge, it appears as though most of the remaining contestants don’t have much respect for him as a player, and he would be unlikely to receive many votes as a finalist.

Romeo Escobar

YouTubeRomeo sneaks some rice in episode 11 of “Survivor 42.”

This is partly due to how he is viewed as a person, which, based on last episode’s edit, is largely lazy and unproductive, as well as his gameplay, which other players have seen as so wracked with paranoia that it even led Drea, his old Ika ally, to abandon him strategically at the merge. In addition, since the merge, he has only been on the correct side of the vote once, and that was in the unanimous blindside of Rocksroy Bailey, when he (Romeo) was the secondary target.

He concludes the secret scene by declaring that “there can only be one winner of the ‘Survivor’ pageant world! I can’t wait before I claim my ‘Survivor’ sash and my ‘Survivor’ crown.”

Well, only time will tell whether that will really work out for him. But as of now, it seems as though that special sash and crown may be reserved for someone else.

“Survivor 42” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern on CBS. The three-hour finale airs Wednesday, May 25, 2022.

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