Laura Boneham Gives Status Update on Rupert Boneham’s Health

Survivor's Rupert Boneham attends the 2010 CBS UpFront

Getty Survivor's Rupert Boneham attends the 2010 CBS UpFront

Beloved “Survivor” contestant Rupert Boneham underwent surgery on October 21 to biopsy his vocal cords for cancer. After the surgery, his wife Laura, who appeared on “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” alongside Rupert, gave an update to fans about his condition and what they know so far.

There Is No Sign of Cancer So Far But They Are Awaiting Further Results

Survivor – Meet Rupert and LauraMeet four time Survivor castaway Rupert, and his wife Laura, who will be competing this season for one million dollars and the title of Sole Survivor. Watch Survivor Wednesdays 8/7c.  Click the link to subscribe to the Survivor channel – To watch full episodes of Survivor, click HERE – Get the CBS…2013-08-21T16:01:01Z

On October 18, Rupert’s wife Laura wrote a Facebook post asking for “prayers and good vibes” for her husband as he faced surgery to biopsy his vocal cords.

“He has had throat pain and hoarseness for some time. Well, he finally had a scope where the MD discovered some uninvited cells that found a home on his left vocal cord. He has a neck CT tomorrow in preparation for biopsy/surgery on Thursday. We are of course hoping for no C-word and the best outcome possible,” wrote Laura on Facebook.

On Thursday, October 21, Laura updated their friends, family and fans after Rupert’s surgery, thanking them for all the support.

“Thanks for all the incredible messages, prayers and good vibes!!!
It worked,” wrote Laura, adding that so far, there is no sign of cancer but they aren’t quite out of the woods yet.

“Rupert is home resting, the surgery is done and so far no mention of cancer! The MD removed pre-cancerous cells from his vocal chord (sic) and we will know for sure when the final pathology report comes back in a week!” said Laura.

Rupert Is A Fan-Favorite ‘Survivor’ Player

Aquaman: The Story of Rupert Boneham – Survivor: All-StarsBlackbeard is back, but this time he has evolved into Aquaman. Fishing is his life and while there is a game being played around him, he isn't all too concerned. Does Rupert play a better game than his explosive Pearl Islands debut? Let's find out. What are the benefits to joining the Patreon for you?…2020-11-23T19:11:39Z

Rupert may be the most popular “Survivor” player to never win the game — he is certainly right up there with the likes of Cirie Fields and Ozzy Lusth. Rupert first appeared on “Survivor” in season seven, “Pearl Islands,” where he finisihed in eighth place. He was immediately asked to return for season eight, which was the show’s first all-star season. Rupert finished in fourth place in a brutal elimination at the hands of Boston Rob Mariano and his eventual-wife Amber Brkich.

Rupert was so popular with fans, however, that after “All-Stars” wrapped, CBS aired a special show called “America’s Tribal Council” where Rupert was awarded a second million-dollar prize by America, beating out Colby Donaldson, Boston Rob, and Big Tom Buchanan for the prize.

The mentor for troubled teens returned for “Heroes vs. Villains,” where he finished in sixth place, and then his final time playing was in “Blood vs. Water” with his wife Laura. Rupert actually sacrificed his game for his wife because she was voted out of her tribe immediately and sent to Redemption Island, but players were allowed to take their loved ones’ place on Redemption Island and Rupert immediately volunteered to do so for Laura. The other tribe voted out Candice Woodcock Cody, though her husband John Cody did not take her place on Redemption Island after they consulted each other about the decision.

After “Borneo” player Gervase Peterson’s wife Marissa Peterson was voted out at the first Tribal Council, Rupert, Marissa and Candice competed at Redemption Island in the first duel and Rupert lost, sending himself out as the first person officially eliminated from “Blood vs. Water.”

But that was not Rupert and Laura’s last foray into reality TV. They also appeared on “The Amazing Race” season 31, which was that show’s all-reality-TV season. They were the second couple eliminated.

“Survivor” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on CBS. The 42nd season will air in the spring of 2022. Seasons 43 and 44 are casting now, so if you’ve always wanted to apply, now is your chance!

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Lily Morgan
Lily Morgan
1 year ago

I am very glad to hear that Rupert appears to be cancer-free, however, since you have already posted incorrect information about Gervase Peterson, I am exceedingly concerned regarding the veracity of any kind of information on this site. By the way, Marissa Peterson happens to be his niece, not his wife. Misspelling a word here and there, some grammar or sentence structure errors are one thing. Accuracy, or in your case, the lack thereof is quite another. Get your facts straight before you let your fingers do the walking. Oh, and one last thing; publishing or posting misinformation is a lawsuit waiting to happen. I hope that in the future, this site will take steps to ensure that they are imparting the truth to their readers.

Lily Morgan
Lily Morgan
1 year ago
Reply to  Lily Morgan

I must apologize for my spelling error. I am recovering from surgery on my right hand, and I am still experiencing a problem with my stylus hitting extra keys.

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