Russell Hantz Reveals His ‘Survivor’ Dream Team

Russell Hantz

Getty Russell Hantz

In July 2021, notorious castaway Russell Hantz revealed his “Survivor” dream team in a video posted to his YouTube Channel. Hantz appeared on four seasons of “Survivor” and is known for his ruthless gameplay.

Russell Reveals His Top Picks

In the YouTube video, Russell says he considered two factors when assembling his dream team. He based his picks mainly on their trustworthiness and athletic ability.

Boo Bernis

YoutubeBoo Bernis and Russell Hantz

Russell’s first pick for his dream team is Boo Bernis, who appeared on “Survivor: Fiji” in 2007. Boo lasted 37 days on the Island, coming in fifth place. On his season, Boo was known for his athleticism. Russell told his YouTube followers that Boo’s athletic ability was a significant factor in picking him for his dream team.

“Boo was one of the most physical players to ever play the game. He was a challenge beast,” he said in the video. “Boo is the type of player that wins…I think he’s gonna win if he plays again.”

James Clement

YoutubeJames Clement on “Survivor”

Russell’s second pick is James Clement. James appeared on “Survivor: China” in 2007, “Survivor: Micronesia” in 2008, and “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” in 2010. James is known for being a solid physical competitor. In “Survivor: Micronesia,” he won 10 challenges. Russell and James played together in “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains,” but they were on opposing sides. Russell was a member of the Villains tribe, and James was a member of the Heroes tribe. In the video, Russell praised James’ physical strength.

“He is a monster. He is a Greek God. James is the best specimen that ‘Survivor’ has ever had in the history of the game.”

Russell’s third pick is Ozzy Lusth. Ozzy appeared on four seasons of “Survivor.” He is known for his athleticism and strategic social game. In the YouTube video, Russell explained his reasoning for picking Ozzy.

“Ozzy is probably the most iconic athlete to ever play the game. I think that I could trust Ozzy. I know Ozzy. I think that we can work together,”he said.

Russell’s fourth pick is Joe Anglim. Joe appeared on three seasons of “Survivor.” His first appearance on the show was in 2015 on “Survivor: Worlds Apart.” Joe formed alliances early on in the game but quickly became a target due to his athletic ability.

Russell picked Joe for his dream team because of his physical strength. He tells viewers that assembling a team of physical competitors was his primary goal.

“My first goal would be to win every single challenge,” he said in the video. “And then we work with stabbing each other in the back once we get to the end of the game.”

Russell’s fifth pick is Krista Klumpp. Krista appeared on “Survivor: Redemption Island,” alongside Russell. On the season, Russell and Krista were in an alliance with Stephanie Valencia.

In the video, Russell tells viewers that his history with Krista makes him feel like he can trust her. He also believes she can win competitions given her cheerleading background. Krista was the head cheerleader at Auburn University, according to her CBS bio.

Russell’s sixth pick is Mikayla Wingle. Mikayla was a cast member on “Survivor: South Pacific” in 2011. Mikayla quickly became a target on her season and was voted out on day 16.

In the YouTube video, Russell praises Mikayla’s athletic ability.

“She’s a beast..that we never got to see play again. And somebody that I trust.”

Russell’s seventh pick is Kelly Wentworth. Kelly appeared on “Survivor: San Juan del Sur” in 2014, “Survivor: Cambodia” in 2015, and “Survivor: Edge of Extinction” in 2019. In “Survivor: Cambodia,” Kelly was a part of the Witches’ Coven alliance, an all-female alliance. Kelly is known for using her hidden immunity idol to blindside fellow castaway Andrew Savage.

Russell explained his reasoning for picking Kelly, telling YouTube viewers, “I think she’s inspiring. I think she’s a great player,” he said. “I think she belongs among the best, and I would have her on my team all day long.”

Russell’s eighth pick is Kim Spradlin. Kim was the winner of “Survivor: One World,” which aired in 2012. She also appeared on “Survivor: Winners at War” in 2020. Kim focused on creating strong bonds with her fellow castaways on “Survivor: One World.” She played a strategic social game that helped her secure the win.

“I think I could play with Kim. I do. I think she’s an amazing person. I think that her physical game and her mind game is on point,” Russell said in the video.

Russell’s Final Pick May Shock You

Russell’s final pick is Laura Morett. Laura appeared on “Survivor: Samoa,” which aired in 2009. She later appeared on “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” in 2013. Laura and Russell have a history of targeting each other, so Russell choosing her for his dream team is interesting. In “Survivor: Samoa,” Russell and Shambo Waters joined forces to get Laura out of the game.

In the video, Russell tells fans, “the only reason I didn’t get to play with this person [Laura] is because I wasn’t on her side.” Russell told viewers that he noticed how focused she was on “Survivor: Samora,” but he had to get rid of her since they weren’t in an alliance. Russel goes on to call Laura a “beast” in competitions.

“Survivor” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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