WATCH: ‘Australian Survivor’ Teaser Suggests Diaz-Twine Family Feud

Sandra Diaz Twine and Nina Twine in Australian Survivor teaser

Twitter Sandra Diaz Twine and her daughter Alanna "Nina" Twine in a teaser for the upcoming "Blood V Water" season of "Australian Survivor."

Popular “Survivor” alum Sandra Diaz-Twine became the first two-time winner of the series back in 2010, when she defeated “Survivor” legends Parvati Shallow and Russell Hantz in a 6-3-0 jury vote in “Heroes vs. Villains.” Since then, she has been a fan favorite and an icon of the franchise among many American viewers, often being referred to as the “Queen” of “Survivor,” a self-given honorific for becoming the series’ first ever two-time winner.

Recently, it was announced that Sandra and her 24-year-old daughter Nina will be competing against each other in a season of “Australian Survivor” titled “Blood V Water,” based on the “Blood vs. Water” theme that the American version of the show has used. Sandra is known for being a fierce competitor, and that shone through recently in a new trailer released by Network 10, the Australian network which broadcasts the show.

Here’s what you need to know:

Nina Twine: ‘I’m Gonna Try and Dethrone My Mother’

Australian Survivor Blood V Water | Meet Sandra & Nina (Extended VER.)2022-01-13T01:20:21Z

On Thursday, “Australian Survivor’s” Twitter page debuted several extended trailers for each pair of loved ones on the upcoming season, including Sandra and her daughter. In the extended version (shown above), both women firmly state that they are playing for themselves, and strongly hint that they may even turn on each other.

Although Sandra starts off by praising her daughter’s credentials (calling Nina her “baby girl” as well as her “secret weapon”), she goes on to declare that “I’m not worried about her. Queen stays Queen.” Later in the teaser, she ominously states, “I would never hand my crown to anyone.”

Nina herself also hinted that she would not hesitate in taking out her mother if it comes down to it. She noted that she has been watching her mother play “Survivor” since 2003, when Sandra’s original season, “Pearl Islands,” first premiered and Nina was five years old. Sandra turned 29 on the penultimate day of filming that season. “I’m coming for her crown,” Nina declared. “She already won, not once but twice. I’m gonna try and dethrone my mother.”

Sandra and Nina Turning on Each Other Would Be a ‘Blood vs. Water’ First

Tina Wesson and Katie Collins in Survivor Blood vs Water

YouTubeTina Wesson embraces her daughter Katie Collins after beating her in a Redemption Island duel and sending her out of the game in episode 13 of “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” (2013).

This is not the first teaser to preview the rivalry between the mother-daughter pair. A trailer dropped early in January also showcased that Sandra and Nina may indeed be going head-to-head, and piqued many American fans’ interest in the upcoming season.

The new sneak peak has viewers speculating even more so about how the season will play out, with one user on Reddit joking, “Sandra’s personal item is a voting list with her daughter’s name pre-written. No hesitation expected.”

Others are rooting for Nina, given how Sandra already has $2 million in the bank from her time on “Survivor.” “As much as I would love a third Sandra win,” another user said, “I want Nina to win with Sandra on the jury so bad.”

In the entire two-season “Blood vs. Water” arc that the “Survivor” franchise has seen, there has only been one instance of one loved one voting off another: another mother-daughter pair, that of Ciera Eastin voting off her mother Laura Morrett in season 27, “Blood vs. Water.” However, she did so reluctantly, and only because the rest of the tribe was already committed to the plan anyway.

That season also saw former winner Tina Wesson beat her 25-year-old daughter Katie Collins in a Redemption Island duel, sending her out of the game. Tina would rejoin the game by winning the following Redemption Island duel the next episode. Interestingly, that was also a mother-daughter pair where the mother was a previous winner.

“Australian Survivor: Blood V Water” premieres January 31 on Network 10 for Australian viewers. American viewers will likely be able to watch the season in its entirety on Paramount Plus after it has finished airing in Australia. Previous seasons of the show can also be viewed on the website and app.

American “Survivor” airs Wednesdays 8 p.m. Eastern on CBS. Be sure to catch season 42 when it premieres March 9, 2022.

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