Sandra Diaz-Twine Is Rewatching ‘Heroes vs Villains’ on Netflix and It Is Hilarious

Sandra Diaz-Twine on the set of Survivor: Winners at War

CBS Sandra Diaz-Twine on the set of Survivor: Winners at War

Netflix recently added two seasons of Survivor — “Heroes vs. Villains” and “Cagayan.” Sandra Diaz-Twine, who won “Heroes vs. Villains” to become the show’s first two-time winner, decided to settle in and binge watch some of her season. The resulting Instagram posts are the hilarious social media content we all need right now.

Diaz-Twine Hasn’t Watched the Season Since It First Aired

Diaz-Twine was alerted to “Heroes vs. Villains” being on Netflix by her kids, which she revealed when Netflix posted an Instagram shot of her on the show saying, “You know how some people forgive but don’t forget? Well, I don’t forgive and I don’t forget.” A bunch of fellow castaways were all over that post, praising her gameplay and calling her “queen,” and Diaz-Twine commented that her kids told her about the season being available to watch.

According to her Instagram, Diaz-Twine hasn’t watched “Heroes vs. Villains” since it first aired back in the spring of 2010. She started basically live-blogging her rewatch on Instagram, posting a photo of when she said she thought she was on the wrong tribe.

“Yes, I did think I was on the wrong tribe! Jeff told me after I raised my hand that ‘I would stab my own mother in the back for a million dollars’ if that makes me a villain than so be it! I’m a villain!” wrote Diaz-Twine.

The rewatch led to Diaz-Twine posting a clip of Courtney Yates yelling “break her shoulder” during a challenge and Yates commented on a separate post that the time she and Sandra couldn’t stop laughing when Diaz-Twine tripped on the beach was her “favorite moment” of her entire Survivor experience and possibly her life.

The Wrestling Challenge Clip is Epic

Diaz-Twine then posted a clip of the wrestling challenge when Diaz-Twine and Yates were wrestling Sugar Kiper and Candice Woodcock Cody, which got so brutal that Diaz-Twine unhooked Kiper’s bra and then Kiper jumped up and ran off without it to win the challenge, flashing two middle fingers to go with her win.

“Dislocated shoulder, Broken Toe, titis everywhere, middle finger in the air. @sugarkiper @courtneyyates candace It’s official @cirie_fields says I’m a villain,” wrote Diaz-Twine, to which Fields responded, “If the bra fits.”

Felicity Egginton from Australian Survivor jumped in to comment, “This was GOLD.”

Kiper added, “People rumored that we’d planned that. It made me sad that we had in fact NOT planned that,” to which Diaz-Twine wrote, “I thought you’d be embarrassed being exposed. I know I would have froze. But not you sweet sugar. You didn’t care.”

She also posted a shot from the finale when Boston Rob Mariano gave her the dollar he owed her from their bet about whether or not Ben “Coach” Wade could climb a palm tree. Diaz-Twine won — Coach didn’t make it.

Mariano wrote on the dollar, “Sandra, you were born to play this game.”

We absolutely need more of Diaz-Twine’s Instagram captions as she watches the rest of the season.

Survivor hopes to film seasons 41, 42 and possibly 43 in the spring of 2021.

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