Ricard Foyé Explains Interesting Backstory Behind His Tattoos

Ricard Foyé

CBS "Survivor 41" contestant Ricard Foyé.

Recently, “Survivor 41” contestant Ricard Foyé told viewers about the nature behind the tattoos on his left arm. Many of Ricard’s tattoos have been fairly noticeable throughout his run on the season but have never been fully explained. The story behind the intricate design on his arm is complex, personal, and very intriguing.

Here’s what you need to know:

Ricard’s Tattoos Are Partly Inspired By ‘Harry Potter’

After revealing that he had received several questions from fans about the tattoo on his left arm, Ricard decided to break down its elements in a recent story on his Instagram page. The tattoo, which bears some similarities to the Deathly Hallows symbol of the “Harry Potter” universe (a circle encased in an equilateral triangle with a straight line down the middle), consists of a number of shapes, including several triangles – some dotted and some with solid lines – and a large circle, along a straight, arrow-like line. On one end of the line is a small, solid circle.

Ricard explained in the video that the tattoo is meant to look like the Deathly Hallows, but not be exactly like it, given the personal meaning imbued in it as well: “I wanted a circle, triangle, and a line through it for the Deathly Hallows, but I didn’t want it too obvious so I separated them,” he explained.

The Tattoo Is Representative of Ricard’s Family Tree

Throughout the video, Ricard broke down how each symbol is representative of a different member of his family (and is still not fully complete).

The top triangle, he explained, was for his father, while the dotted line triangle below it was for his step father “taking over the role of father.” The dotted line triangle is connected both to the triangle representing his biological father above it and the biggest triangle below it, which represents Ricard’s mother, who he described as “the most important to me.”

The solid and dotted triangles in the circle represent his three brothers, one of whom has three children – hence the three dots alongside it – and the other two have one child each (“since then I need to add on a little bit,” he explained).

The small, dark circle at the bottom represents Ricard’s husband Andy, and he has yet to add on their two children. In Ricard’s biography for the show, he called his husband, who is transgender, his “hero.” “He has navigated through life after many setbacks, struggles and the tragic loss of a parent in a car accident,” Ricard said. “Andy focused on putting his physical comfort behind his and my desire for our family to grow and carried our children as a transgender man. I cannot think of a better human.”

Lastly, Ricard added that he wanted the entire tattoo to look like an “abstract airplane,” given his job as a flight attendant. “So it’s my family tree,” he concluded. “So there you go.”

Fans on social media responded with great interest, with one user on Reddit commenting, “This tattoo has more meaning than all of mine combined.” Another said that they forgot Ricard was a flight attendant, which is “probably why he has such a chill demeanor at times when I would be cussing people out.”

Another said of the video, “Sounds like a winner tattoo to me.”

Ricard is one of seven contestants remaining on “Survivor 41,” after making his big move by blindsiding his friend Shan Smith in last week’s episode. Episode 11 airs tonight, with the final two episodes airing the next two Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern on CBS.

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