One ‘Survivor’ Twist Out For Seasons 41 & 42

Jeff Probst on Survivor

CBS Jeff Probst on Survivor

A new report says that for seasons 41 and 42, “Survivor” is doing away with a twist that many fans did not like. Read on to find out what it is and what else we know about the upcoming new season of the show, but be warned of light spoilers ahead.


Fire Tokens Are Done

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According to Inside Survivor, a reputable source of “Survivor” spoilers, fire tokens are not being used in season 41 or 42. The news comes via the site’s Patreon group, which anyone is free to join.

The site said that they can “confirm that fire tokens are not a part” of the upcoming seasons. As the site points out, this is kind of surprising because host Jeff Probst previously made it seem like fire tokens were here to stay.

In an interview with “Entertainment Weekly,” he said they thought fire tokens might give them “room to play going forward.”

“One of the things we wanted to accomplish with [season] 40 was to try to find some ground that might give us room to play going forward,” Probst explained. “So we went back to the basic idea: ‘Survivor’ is about a society that forms, and they form their own rules. And they decide who stays and who goes home. And over time, every society ends up having a currency. So we’re looking to add another layer to the society with a ‘Survivor’ currency in the form of fire tokens.”

However, the show has also hinted around at getting back to basics, so maybe production changed their minds about fire tokens. If so, fans should be happy. In our poll about which twist fans want to see voted off the island, fire tokens came in second behind only the Edge of Extinction as the twist the show should do away with.

But There Will Be Some Sort of Exile Island and a Summit

Tribe Summit/Recon (2), S33E03 (Part 3 of 11), Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X: Your Job Is Recon"Call it a summit or call it recon, but call on four to go; orange rock in your hand, you'll represent, and return with inside info." Please support me by installing my Puzzles from Survivor app: Alliance Tracker for Survivor app: #Survivor #SuvivorSuperFan #SurvivorGeek Twitter: Day 8 At the Gen X…2020-10-20T23:05:05Z

Lest you think “Survivor” is going completely old-school, think again. There will still be plenty of twists. Inside Survivor also revealed that there will be “some form” of Exile Island and a summit. If you’ll recall from “Millennials vs. Gen X,” the summit was a meeting on day eight of the season where each tribe sent two representatives to meet up for a feast and to exchange information on the other tribe.

Inside Survivor also said that the season was 26 days (down from the usual 39), but the season will still be the same number of episodes as it normally is — it has been 14 episodes for the past six seasons.

And finally, the tribes will have to constantly compete for flint — if they win a challenge, they have it. If they lose, they have to give it back, which plays into Probst’s tease that the show will be “fast-paced, super dangerous, [and] very difficult to win.”

“I’ve heard that the season is meant to be extremely tough physically and mentally. It seems there has been an extra effort this year to up the stakes and physical toll, likely due to the shortened season(s),” wrote Inside Survivor.

If you’re curious about the season 41 cast, check out our posts here and here, plus get the tribe break down here.

“Survivor” returns for its 41st season in September 2021 — most likely the 15, 22, or 29.

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