‘Survivor 42’: Who Has What Advantages in Tonight’s Episode?

Survivor 42 final 7

CBS The final 7 contestants of "Survivor 42" assemble for a challenge in episode 11.

“Survivor” has been known to go a bit overboard on all the twists and advantages in recent seasons, often to the displeasure of many fans and contestants.

However, by now, the cast of “Survivor 42” has been whittled down to 7, and although all the advantages may be a little easier to keep up with, we have made a comprehensive post keeping track of all of them.

Here is a comprehensive list of the advantages held by the final 7 castaways of “Survivor 42,” heading into episode 11:

Lindsay & Drea Currently Possess Advantage Amulet

Perhaps the most notable advantage worth mentioning is the Advantage Amulet, which was introduced in the season premiere but has only begun to become a factor last episode. Last week, Hai Giang, who was in possession of one third of the Advantage Amulet, was eliminated in part due to the power he held, and because one less person in possession of the Amulet meant more power for the other two holders, in this case Lindsay Dolashewich and Drea Wheeler.

This means that Lindsay and Drea are currently in possession of a Steal-a-Vote, if they decide to use the Amulet together. If one of them is voted out in tonight’s episode, the Amulet will become a full immunity idol for whoever’s left. The advantage is only good until the final 6, however, so if it will be used it will be in either tonight’s episode or next week’s episode.

After she and Maryanne Oketch played their idols pre-emptively in episode 9, Drea is now in possession of only two additional advantages: an extra vote, which she obtained after “Risking” her vote at the Summit in the premiere, as well as the famous “Knowledge Is Power” advantage (used without success by Liana Wallace in season 41), which she found in episode 8. This allows her to essentially steal any player’s advantage or idol simply by asking them if they have one.

Maryanne is also still in possession of the extra vote she gained at the Summit in episode 1, as well as a hidden immunity idol she found just last episode, the day after playing her immunity idol alongside Drea in the season’s iconic double Tribal Council.

57-year-old Mike Turner, meanwhile, is still in his possession of the hidden immunity idol he found as part of the “Beware” advantage back in episode 2 (which became active in episode 5 after he, Maryanne, and Drea all uttered their phrases publicly).

Romeo Escobar, Jonathan Young, and Omar Zaheer are not currently in possession of any advantages.

‘Do or Die’ Will Likely Return in Tonight’s Episode

Survivor 42 episode 11

CBSThe final 7 castaways of “Survivor 42” gather around at camp.

So, to sum up, here is a comprehensive list of what everyone has as of episode 11:

Drea Wheeler:

  • Advantage Amulet (currently a Steal-a-Vote, good until final 6)
  • Extra vote
  • Knowledge Is Power

Lindsay Dolashewich:

  • Advantage Amulet (currently a Steal-a-Vote, good until final 6)

Maryanne Oketch:

  • Extra vote
  • Immunity idol

Mike Turner:

  • Immunity idol

As of now, it seems as though Drea is in the power position, if not just because of the sheer amount of advantages she is in possession of, even after playing her idol in episode 9.

In addition, though it’s not exactly an “advantage” (quite the opposite actually), season 41’s controversial “Do or Die” twist is set to make a reappearance in tonight’s episode. If whoever falls victim to it tonight does indeed “Die,” then we will have to wait until next week to see if any of these advantages will indeed come into play.

“Survivor 42” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern on CBS. The three-hour finale airs Wednesday, May 25, 2022.

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