‘Survivor 42’ Jury Share Their Final Thoughts

Survivor 42 jury

YouTube "Survivor 42" jury members react to Lindsay picking the correct box in episode 11.

On the season finale of “Survivor 42,” one castaway will be crowned Sole Survivor and walk away with the 1 million dollar prize.

The jury will collectively decide which of the three remaining castaways is most deserving of the win.

Entertainment Weekly had a chance to catch up with the “Survivor 42” jury and get their final thoughts on the season.

Here’s what you need to know:

Who Played the Best Game?

The “Survivor 42” jury revealed which cast member, not including the five castaways still in the running for Sole Survivor, played the best game, and their answers may surprise you.

Rocksroy Bailey said that his fellow Ika tribe member, Drea Wheeler, played the best game.

“Drea played a wonderful game,” he told the outlet. “She was able [to] get an arsenal of advantages. In addition, her social game was on point. She was able to adapt to other people’s feelings and emotions. I appreciated her raw opinions and loved her laugh. ”

Hai Giang agreed with Rocksroy that Drea played a solid game.

“Drea was playing the best game, I feel,” he said. “She played a solid social game, was strategically savvy, didn’t pull off short-sighted ‘big moves’ and found more advantages than anyone I can recall.”

On the other hand, Tori Meehan thought Omar Zaheer played the best game.

“ALL HAIL KING OMAR,” she told the publication. “I didn’t know that Omar was in the majority alliance until I watched the live episodes. He had all of us on the bottom fooled into thinking he was on the bottom with us. Not only was he IN the majority alliance, but he was in the driver’s seat of that alliance.”

“Everyone was feeding him information, so he was able to decide what direction the game went,” she continued.

‘Survivor 42’ Jury on Ponderosa

The castaways also shared their favorite part of being at Ponderosa.

Drea Wheeler joked that the best part was the access to a shower.

“Taking a shower for hours every day,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “I missed being clean.”

Rocksroy shared that the best part was getting to meet the natives.

“Absolute best thing about being at Ponderosa was getting to meet and talk to some of the native Fijians,” he said. “My experience with the local staff members snorkeling, playing volleyball, and just learning about the Fijian Islands was wonderful.”

Omar Zaheer Thanks Fans for Their Support

Omar Zaheer became the sixth member of the jury after being blindsided by Maryanne Oketch in the May 18 episode of “Survivor 42.”

Despite not making it to the finale, Omar expressed his gratitude for being a part of the show in a May 19 Instagram post.

He shared a series of photos from his time in Fiji alongside a lengthy caption.

“All good things must come to an end. 🔥,” he wrote. “I’ve been a super fan of Survivor since I was 9 years old (season 1!) and to be able to play is the ultimate dream come true.”

He also thanked “Survivor” fans for their support, writing, “thank you all for the incredible support and kind words you all have shared over the last few months – your support will always be remembered and cherished. Much love 💕 🙏 🇫🇯 🥥 🏝.”

Fans fled to the comment section to congratulate Omar on making it to final six.

“To me you were the greatest of this season,” one fan wrote. “Hope you are welcomed back for an all star season because you deserve it!”

“Good job Omar,” another fan commented. “It was so fun watching you, you were such a good player, too good 😉😉.”

“Was rooting for you to win! Well played! They knew if they took you to the end you would win,” a third user added.

“Survivor 42” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on CBS.

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