‘Survivor 42’ Power Rankings: Where Do the Final 10 Stand?

Survivor 42 episode 8

YouTube The final 11 castaways of "Survivor 42" assemble for a challenge in episode 8.

“Survivor 42” is heating up, with a sneak preview for next week’s episode revealing that there will be not one, but two Tribal Councils resulting in two people going home.

Last week’s episode saw the blindside of Chanelle Howell at the hands of the majority “eight” (now seven) alliance, though how well that alliance will continue to hold up is yet to be seen. So where does all this leave the remaining ten players of “Survivor 42”? Fans and blogs in the “Survivor” community have been weighing in. Here’s everything you need to know about each contestant’s chances leading into episode 9:

Hai & Drea are Clear Frontrunners

Survivor 42 episode 8

CBSDrea Wheeler, Jonathan Young, Hai Giang, and Omar Zaheer in episode 8 of “Survivor 42.”

Like many seasons in the past, there seems to be a relatively clear consensus on who is leading the pack toward a victory, as well as who is in last. The general consensus seems to be that Tori Meehan and Rocksroy Bailey, both former Ika members, will not have much sucess in the “Survivor” realm. As of episodes 6/7, Dylan Deckard of Medium and Hidden Remote both put Tori and Chanelle in last place (with Chanelle’s placement proving to be accurate), with Rocksroy Bailey right behind them. Trainwreck Sports also puts Tori in last place.

The two biggest frontrunners are widely perceived to be strategic powerhouse Hai Giang, and Texas-born Canadian Drea Wheeler, who has racked up a significant number of idols and advantages since she started playing. Drea also raised some eyebrows among fans when she accurately predicted what the Hourglass twist in episode 6 would be before it was even announced.

As for Hai, Hidden Remote explains that “Hai is dominating this game at this point. His gameplay is fluid and intelligent, and once Jonathan [Young] is voted out (which has to be coming at some point), he’s one of the bigger physical threats out there. That’s a great recipe to get to the end and win.”

Trainwreck Sports puts Drea in the top spot, with challenge beast Jonathan Young and 57-year-old firefighter Mike Turner actually beating out Hai for second and third. Mike, who currently has an idol via the Beware advantage, has proven himself to have a highly effective social game, orchestrating the vote his way a number of Tribals (most notably last episode), and is currently making strong social bonds with some of his new tribemates.

Who Else Is in the Running?

Maryanne Oketch and Lindsay Dolashewich

YouTubeMaryanne Oketch and Lindsay Dolashewich in episode 8 of “Survivor 42.”

Lindsay Dolashewich, Maryanne Oketch, and Romeo Escobar are still in the running as well, though Romeo had a fairly lackluster performance last week that may not bode well for his future rankings. Lindsay is also making her case to be a contender, though her paltry edit thus far would be surprising for a winner.

Maryanne may also emerge as an unlikely contender; although she is technically in the minority (being on the outs of the so-called “eight” alliance), she has strong allies in her former Taku tribemates, namely fellow Canadian Omar Zaheer, who has proven himself to be a strong strategic player in recent episodes, and is also in possession of an idol and extra vote. In addition, she has shown to effectively mask a more manipulative, strategic side under her bubbly, upbeat personality in recent episodes; a skill which could prove to be highly valuable in the game of “Survivor.”

Although some players may be more prominent than others, any fan of “Survivor” knows that the edit does not tell us everything, and in fact could be misleading. At this time last season, for instance, 20-year-old Xander Hastings, who ended up placing third with no jury votes, was seen as the main frontrunner, while eventual winner Erika Casupanan was hardly discussed at all. It is entirely possible that this season, the winner could come out of nowhere in the next few episodes and defy all expectations.

“Survivor 42” still has five more episodes, seven more Tribal Councils, and six more players to be eliminated. Anything could happen to shake up the game, so stay tuned to see how things turn out in the coming weeks.

“Survivor 42” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern on CBS. The three-hour finale will air Wednesday, May 25, 2022.

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