WATCH: CBS Debuts Final ‘Survivor 42’ Trailer

Survivor 42 trailer Tori Meehan

CBS "Survivor 42" contestant Tori Meehan reacts to host Jeff Probst in the latest trailer for the season.

With the premiere of “Survivor 42” imminent, diehard fans of the show are eager to glean as much information as they can before it debuts, through pre-season interviews, press releases, and more. That being said, CBS has officially released the final pre-season trailer for “Survivor 42,” which premieres tomorrow. Here’s what you need to know before the season debut:

Probst: ‘Survivor 42’ Is ‘The Most Dangerous Version’ Ever Seen

In the final “Survivor 42” trailer, released by CBS on Instagram Monday, host Jeff Probst declared that 18 new castaways will “take on the most dangerous version of ‘Survivor’ ever seen.” Similar to “Survivor 41,” the castaways will start off with meagre supplies. In a clip from the upcoming premiere, Probst is shown telling the new contestants: “You’re going to be on your own. No rice, no food source. The new ‘Survivor’ is fast, it’s difficult, and it’s dangerous.”

Also like “Survivor 41,” “42” will consist of 18 castaways – all of whom are diehard fans – split into three separate tribes of six: Ika, Taku, and Vati. Tomorrow’s two-hour premiere will see two people eliminated, likely through one tribal immunity challenge in which there will be only be one victor, just like the “Survivor 41” premiere.

Probst went on to praise the “Survivor 42” cast:

This cast is a great group of people. I am super pumped to have them out there because ‘Survivor’ is a great format, you just have to have interesting people. And we do. 

‘All the Big Twists’ in ’41’ Are Back, but With a Twist

Beware Advantage Survivor 42 trailer

YouTubeA Beware Advantage as shown in a January trailer for “Survivor 42.”

In the trailer, Probst also hinted that the upcoming season will “do something we’ve never done before,” explaining that since the castaways have not yet seen “Survivor 41,” production will use that to their advantage by re-using the twists used in that season, but with certain variables altered.

“All the big twists we did in ’41’ are back in ’42,’ Probst explained. “But we’re going to change certain variables to see if it changes [contestants’] decision making process.” The twists that will be coming back include the Shot in the Dark advantage (giving players a one in six chance at immunity, at risk of losing their vote), the Hourglass twist (where a player will have the option to “turn back time” by reversing the outcome of an immunity challenge), the Beware advantage (which allows players to unlock idols by publicly declaring secret phrases), and likely the Do or Die twist, among others.

A previous trailer revealed that there will be new phrases for the Beware advantage, though it remains unclear what other “certain variables” will be changed for the upcoming season.

New Twists Have Not Been Popular Among Fans

Survivor Game Changers final 6 tribal council

YouTubeThe final 6 Tribal Council in “Survivor: Game Changers” (2017), shortly before fan favorite Cirie Fields is eliminated by default.

Though the influx of new twists and advantages were not exactly received kindly by viewers and former contestants of the show alike, the back-to-back shooting schedule also means that Probst and production have not had a change to take the public’s response into consideration. Nonetheless, a steady increase of twists and advantages have been taking place for at least the last ten seasons, often to public dismay; the elimination of Cirie Fields in season 34, “Game Changers,” for instance, which occurred simply because so many advantages were used she was the only one vulnerable at Tribal Council, despite not receiving a single vote, has been widely decried by fans across the board.

The following season, contestant Ben Driebergen was able to find three Hidden Immunity Idols – the final two in rapid succession – and then secured a spot in the final 3 by winning the new – and surprise – final 4 fire-making challenge despite losing the final immunity challenge. This again provoked a great deal of controversy among fans.

Despite this constant backlash, however, production has not reduced the amount of new twists or advantages introduced in the game; instead, they have only increased. As a result, it is unlikely the fan response would have had any impact on “Survivor 42” anyway, nor will it likely have an impact on “Survivor 43” or beyond.

“We’re gonna really expand the experiment,” Probst concluded in the trailer. “And what better way to do it than on a devilishly dangerous game like ‘Survivor’?”

Tune in Wednesday, March 9 at 8 p.m. Eastern on CBS to watch the two-hour “Survivor 42” premiere. Subsequent episodes will continue to air in the same timeslot.

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