‘Survivor’ Host Jeff Probst Teases Season 43: ‘When We Say ‘New Era,’ We Mean It’

Jeff Probst

CBS "Survivor" host Jeff Probst on season 42.

With the end of “Survivor 42” on the horizon, fans are already looking ahead to seasons 43, 44, and beyond. Since the 43rd season of the popular reality show is currently under production, not much is yet known about what we will be seeing in it.

However, “Survivor” host and executive producer Jeff Probst is quite well-aware of what the upcoming seasons will have in store for both the contestants and the viewers, and in light of the season 42 finale on Wednesday night, Probst has decided to answer the questions which are most heavily weighing on viewers’ minds.

Here’s what you need to know:

The 26 Day Shooting Schedule Is Likely Here to Stay

In an interview with TVLine Tuesday previewing what “Survivor” has on the docket for upcoming seasons, Probst emphasized that the “new era” of “Survivor,” highlighted most notably in the early episodes of “41,” was here to stay; this included the numerous twists and advantages that have many fans confused and frustrated (though the twists themselves will vary), the lack of food for contestants, and the 26-day shooting schedule.

“This new 26-day game centered around limited supplies, no food, and penalties for losing was not designed as a one-off,” Probst explained to the outlet. “We designed this specifically to give us a new game to play.” He added that he believes there are still plenty of “layers in this new game” which they “haven’t even begun to explore,” hinting at a whole new host of surprises – likely in the form of new twists and advantages – for both the audience and contestants in future seasons.

“The players of ‘Survivor 42’ played at a relentless pace from the opening seconds,” Probst said. “Who knows what the next group of players will do?”

The Live Winner Reveal and Reunion Will Also Likely Make a Reappearance

Survivor 41 final 3

YouTubeThe three finalists of “Survivor 41” – Deshawn Radden, Erika Casupanan, and Xander Hastings – as Erika is crowned the winner in an impromptu reunion show.

In an interview with EW released concurrently, Probst also revealed that future seasons of the show will also mimic “41” and “42” in that the winner reveal and reunion/aftershow will continue to take place on the island. When asked if the on-site winner reveal will be the “model moving forward,” Probst responded very bluntly: “Yes.” He added:

We feel really good about the excitement and energy that comes with doing the vote reveal in the jungle, immediately followed by an after show when the players are still in game mode. It’s so vastly different from the live reunion show … The players have not had six months to watch the episodes and be influenced by the criticism or praise they have received on social media. This is pure.

He did give the caveat that, like everything else on “Survivor,” however, “it’s always in a state of flow.”

When it came to what else specifically during the game viewers – and contestants – would see repeated from “41” and “42,” Probst responded by saying, “When we say this is a new era of the game, we mean it.” He listed elements such as small tribes (i.e. three tribes of six), “earn the merge” (likely a reference to the controversial Hourglass twist), paltry amounts of food, “risk/reward dilemmas“, and the Shot in the Dark advantage, as things which are here to stay. Other specific twists, he said, “will come and go depending on the season.”

The three-hour season finale of “Survivor 42” airs Wednesday, May 25, 2022, at 8 p.m. Eastern on CBS.

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