New ‘Survivor 42’ Secret Scene Hints at Taku 4 Alliance

Taku 4

YouTube The Taku 4 at the immunity challenge in episode 3 of "Survivor 42."

A new secret scene from “Survivor 42” episode 3 contains a bit of valuable information about the season that may inform fans moving into episode 4 and beyond. Watch the scene below and read on to discover more about how the Taku 4 might come to dominate the game at large.

‘We Need to Win This Challenge, Point Blank and Period’

SURVIVOR 42 – Secret Scene: We Have to WinSURVIVOR Season 42, Episode 32022-03-24T22:45:21Z

By episode 3 of “Survivor 42,” the orange Taku tribe of had been dwindled to four, after the emotional evacuation of Jackson Fox from the game on Day 3, and the subsequent elimination of Marya Sherron the following episode, on Day 5.

The secret scene, which takes place on Day 7, shows the four remaining members of Taku – Jonathan Young, Maryanne Oketch, Lindsay Dolashewich, and Omar Zaheer – retrieving that day’s tree mail to read about the upcoming immunity challenge. All tribemates are in agreement that going to Tribal Council would be disastrous for them. For one, Taku is the smallest tribe at this point: they are four to Ika’s five and Vati’s six (they will remain the smallest tribe in episode 4, as both Ika and Vati will now have 5), so in such a small tribe, there far fewer targets than normal. In addition, they have all developed an incredibly close bond and cannot afford to lose one of their own.

Maryanne also hinted that the four of them intended to move forward as a group once they hit the merge.

“Right now,” Maryanne said in the clip, “I honestly feel that we need to win this challenge, point blank and period. We don’t have any other option. The four of us are so tight and we do not want to cannibalize ourselves, we want to all make it to the merge, and we want to all go forward. So we have to win.”

“We have to [win],” Omar agreed while talking to Maryanne. “There’s no choice about it.”

What Maryanne neglected to mention is that she had temporarily lost her vote due to the Beware advantage that she found earlier in the episode. To complicate matters, Omar later lost his own vote due to choosing to “Risk” his vote at the Summit. That will undoubtedly play a significant role in episode 4; if Taku does have to go to Tribal, only two people – Jonathan and Lindsay – will be able to vote at all.

Their tight bond is further evidenced by the fact that Maryanne chose to share not only the extra vote she got from the Summit in episode 1 with the other three, but also how she told them she had lost her vote, potentially until the merge. Clearly, she at least considers the other three very close allies.

Of the cryptic note regarding the challenge, Jonathan said, “I hope it’s the water.”

As viewers of the episode will remember, Taku ended up blowing the other two tribes out of the water that immunity challenge (almost literally), in large part due to the strength of Jonathan, who quite literally carried the rest of the tribe on his back from the water to shore. There, he promptly completed the rest of the challenge, saving them from Tribal Council, at least for that night.

The other two tribes would remain struggling in the water for the next 22 minutes, and production eventually decided to let them stop and skip right to the land portion of the challenge.

Taku Is the Only Tribe That Stands United

Taku 4

YouTubeThe Taku 4 as seen in the secret scene.

The unity of the Taku 4 stands in stark contrast to Vati – whose five remaining members just went through an arduous, contentious, and deeply divided Tribal Council which almost ended in a rock draw – and Ika – who seem to be split between the older and younger members, a split often exacerbated by the chaos caused by the young and duplicitous Tori Meehan. It almost seems as though inevitably, once the merge hits, whoever remains of Vati and Ika will feel no allegiance to their former tribe. It appears as though this will not be the case with Taku.

If “Survivor 42” continues to play out as “41” did, there will be two more pre-merge immunity challenges. After that, the “fake merge” will take effect, in which half of the 11 remaining contestants will be safe, yet everyone will go to Tribal together; at that point, the Hourglass twist will also come into play. If the strength of Taku (namely, Jonathan) will continue to hold, they only need to win two more immunity challenges to make it to the merge (or at least, the fake merge).

What do you think? Will Taku really be able to stand united once they reach the merge, even if they succeed in winning the next two immunity challenges? Could they really be the final 4? Only time will tell.

Tune in to “Survivor 42” Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern on CBS.

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