One ‘Survivor’ Star Blasts Russell Hantz’s Game

Survivor winner Natalie White (L) and runner up Russell Hantz

Getty Survivor winner Natalie White (L) and runner up Russell Hantz

One thing you can always count on Sue Hawk to do is to speak her mind. In a video posted to Instagram, Hawk was asked about the rather infamous Survivor: Samoa finale when Natalie White beat Russell Hantz by a resounding vote of 7-2.

Here is what Hawk had to say — and she did not mince words.

Hawk Called Hantz’s Game ‘Bulls***’

When asked about White beating Hantz, Hawk took issue with the way he played the final Tribal Council. She said he should have been up there making a sales pitch for why he should be crowned the Sole Survivor, but instead, he decided to rub it in that he beat them.

“I’m like, ‘Russell, you expected to win with that bullshit at the end?!” said Hawk. “You’re up there rubbing salt in the wounds?! ‘Oh, I had to vote you off!’ You don’t do that! You get up there and you give them a passionate sales speech.”

She also said he should have been apologizing and basically groveling for the votes.

“You apologize up and down and up and down again for voting them off and explaining why you played the game that way,” said Hawk, who, back in season one, clearly wanted an apology from Kelly Wiglesworth at that season’s final Tribal Council.

Hawk Also Said She’s Glad White Won Over Hantz

White is one of the most controversial winners of Survivor because most fans see Hantz as having played an incredibly dominant game throughout the season — which he did. But he absolutely neglected to play any kind of social game and, as Jeff Probst once said, “I don’t like giving $1 million to an a**hole.”

“I’m glad the chick won for riding the coattails because somebody had to ride the coattails! What the hell was she supposed to do?!” said Hawk.

In the comments on the Instagram post, a number of fans now agree with Hawk.

“Accurate. Sue Hawk speaks facts. Natalie White slayed him and his poor social game,” wrote one. Another added, “What Russell lacked is jury management.”

“She’s literally right … Russell had no social game, he made it to the end 2 times and STILL didn’t win,” wrote another.

“His strategic game was great and that should have had him win, but his social game was abysmal and it’s ultimately how you treat people that snags you the win. He didn’t treat Galu or Jaison with any ounce of respect, while Natalie always was,” said one fan.

Hantz was a finalist for both “Samoa” and “Heroes vs. Villains” and did not win either season. He later returned for Survivor: Redemption Island, but he was voted out second. Hantz also appeared on a season of Australian Survivor where he was also voted out second. He later said that going on Australian Survivor is what kept him off of Survivor season 40 in the U.S., but he said that before “Winners at War” was set in stone. He also said going on Survivor is what ruined his marriage.

What do you think, Survivor fans? Agree with Sue Hawk?

Survivor will most likely not return until fall 2021 with season 41, which should begin filming in April.

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