‘Survivor 41’ Contestant Reveals Her Number One Target


Episode five of “Survivor 41” introduced new alliances, advantages, and targets. In a confessional, a member of the Yasa tribe revealed she wants a specific player out of the game.

Liana Wants Xander Out

Xander Hastings has been a target since the beginning of the season. Within the first two episodes, Xander scored an extra vote and found an idol. When Yasa tribe members Evvie Jagoda, Liana Wallace, and Tiffany Seely found out about Xander’s advantages, he became their number one target. In a confessional, Liana said, “Me, Evvie, and Tiffany, we’re gonna do an all-girls thing and blindside Xander. He’s playing really really hard, and so that makes Xander extremely dangerous.”

After Yasa lost the Immunity Challenge in episode two, it seemed like Xander’s fate was sealed, but Yasa ended up voting out Voce at Tribal Council in a sudden twist of events.

It seemed like Xander was in the clear, but in episode five Liana revealed that Xander is still her number out target. In the episode, Liana went on a secret adventure where she could risk or protect her vote. After risking her vote, Liana received the “Knowledge Is Power” advantage. The advantage allows Liana to steal another player’s idol or advantage by asking them if they have one. This is a very powerful advantage, and Liana doesn’t hesitate to decide how to use it.

“Xander is absolutely not someone I can trust, but ‘Knowledge Is Power’ gives me everything I need to potentially snuff his torch,” she said in a confessional.

Liana Made a Strong Connection with Shan

In episode five, Liana and Shan, a member of the Ua tribe, are sent on a secret journey. On the trip, Liana and Shan form a tight bond and agree to look out for each other in the game. Shan told Liana, “I will take you with me.”

They form an alliance and agree to keep it a secret from the other castaways. In a confessional, Liana says, “It’s not about who you trust in this game. It’s about who trusts you. From the moment my feet hit the sand on this beach, I’ve been playing an individual game, but I see something in Shan and it was mutual. So my individual game changes going into the merge.”

“Survivor” fans voiced their support for Liana and Shan’s alliance on Twitter. One Twitter user wrote, “Liana and Shan being together is everything [red heart emoji]. Another Twitter user wrote, “Liana and Shan linking up? I love to see it [heart-eye emoji].

She Is a Survivor Superfan

Liana is a student of the game “Survivor.” In a September 2021 interview with Parade, the castaway said she’s been watching the show since she was a little girl.

“My mom and dad sat us in front of the TV, my two older brothers and me. And it just stuck, and we loved it.” Liana told Parade that she would recreate the Tribal Council ceremony with her brothers, “we would light candles, and he had a little candle snuffer.”

In September 2021, Liana posted a photo on Instagram with the caption, “From the three year old who religiously sat down to watch Survivor after bath time to now, being on the show, this feels absolutely surreal. So excited to be able to go on this journey and watch the season air!”

“Survivor” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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