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“Survivor 41” is winding down with just five players remaining in the game. The season finale will air on Wednesday, December 15 on CBS and will crown one of the final castaways as the “Sole Survivor.” Avid “Survivor” fans know that “the jury,” a panel made up of recently eliminated castaways, decides the season’s winner. Entertainment Weekly recently caught up with the jurors of season 41 to talk about all things Ponderosa and the finale.

Jurors Reveal Who Played the Best Game

In a December 13 interview with Entertainment Weekly, the current “Survivor 41” jurors were asked which jury member played the best game. The question received mixed answers from cast members. Evvie and Naseer said that Danny, the former NFL player from Texas, played the best game.

Evvie told the publication that Danny was able to set emotions aside and play a logic-based game. “He had a really good read on everything that was happening, [he] was able to put logic before emotions in decision-making, and was just so well-liked and respected by everyone,” Evvie said. “I think if he had gotten to the end, he’d have been able to explain his game really well, and those warm feelings we all had for him would have translated into jury votes.”

Danny told Entertainment Weekly that he thinks Evvie played the best game. “If Evvie had more time, I think she would’ve been a contender to win it all.” Shan agreed with Danny’s choice. She praised Evvie’s strategic social game, telling the publication, “She was so smart and savvy. I just got her before she could get me.”

On the other hand, Tiffany took the opportunity to defend her own gameplay. “I think the best player among the jury has to be me. How can I not be my biggest supporter,” she told the publication. “I really do believe I had the best social game, which may have hurt me a bit. But I had so much more strategy and game left in me that had yet to be seen.”

‘Survivor 41’ Jury Share the Best Thing About Ponderosa

The season 41 jurors revealed the best part of their Ponderosa experience in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. Liana Wallace shared that the best part was the food. “Gorging myself with all the food I had been dreaming about for 21 days,” she said. “You get to come out of this super-intense game and enjoy all the little things, so eating a ton of good food was definitely a plus.”

Danny and Naseer said the best part of Ponderosa was the company and getting to bond with their fellow season 41 castaways. Naseer even took a moment to shout out the hard-working people behind the scenes. “The best part about Ponderosa was the company. Not only my castmates, but all of the hard-working people behind the scenes,” he told the outlet. “I work in hospitality, so I know all that goes into running a place like Ponderosa.”

Shan told the outlet that Ponderosa allowed her to reflect on her gameplay. “All of my feelings about being blindsided by my alliance came crashing in on me there, and I really felt like I was not my best self,” she said. “I was able to process so many thoughts and emotions about how I played and what I felt killed my game.”

“Survivor” Fans Weigh In on Who Should Win Season 41

The season finale is quickly approaching, and fans are already placing their bets on who will take home the title this season.

The official CBS Twitter account posted a tweet on December 14, 2021, asking fans to weigh in on which one of the remaining castaways is most deserving of the win. One Twitter user wrote, “To me Ricard is the most deserving. He has played the most aggressive game but may not make it to the end. If he doesn’t win I’d like to see Erika take it. She was probably saved by the hourglass twist but has done well since then.” Another fan responded to the tweet writing, “Xander. I think he’s played the best all around game. Good physical game, good social game, and his fake idol play will go down as a legendary Survivor move.”

Other fans took the opportunity to let CBS know how they felt about the new changes to the game. One Twitter user responded to the CBS tweet, writing, “This has to be the worst season of survivor yet, Kudos to the diversity, but thumbs down for boring episode after boring episode. CBS, you can do better. Another fan tweeted, “Such a bad season..like the worst..hope it goes back to normal next year..Ricard is the only one who deserves any mention at this point..”

“Survivor” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS. Season 42 of “Survivor” is set to premiere in March of 2022.

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