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Getty "Survivor" fans are used to being inundated with new seasons, but the pandemic changed the way the game show was filmed.

Survivor might not be coming back as quickly as some fans may have liked. Season 42 of Survivor was slated to start filming as season 41 wrapped up, but a second round of survivalists competing in Fiji could be in jeopardy. As COVID-19 continues to rise in Fiji, the government suspended all international passenger flights. The good news is that season 41 should not be impacted by the new restrictions.

The long-running reality show has already been delayed one year because of the coronavirus pandemic. Normally, two seasons of Survivor are filmed consecutively, with one season airing in the fall and the next debuting in the spring.

Things for seasons 41 and 42 are obviously very different.

“We are not labelling countries as high-risk or low-risk—we simply are not taking passengers from any countries at all,” Fiji’s Ministry of Health permanent secretary Dr. James Fong said in a statement, cited by Inside Survivor on May 5. “I want to be clear with everyone: Fiji suspended all international passenger flights from all countries on the 22nd of April, nine days ago.”

The new restriction impacts season 42 because participants were scheduled to fly out to the islands last week. For now, it’s unknown when it will be safe for the survivalist to travel to Fiji, though the proposed date is May 9. The travel ban could last longer if Fiji does not get a “firm grasp” on its rising number of COVID cases.
Survivor Insider noted there will “obviously be significant delays” to season 42, though season 41 might be unaffected. However, because of the travel ban, participants from season 41 might not be able to leave Fiji until the international restrictions are lifted.

Host Jeff Probst Announced ‘Survivor’ Would Begin Filming in March

To the delight of millions of Survivor fans, longtime host Jeff Probst announced in March that the series would begin filming again.

“Fiji has invited us back to their country to film season 41. We have all of our COVID protocols in place so that everyone in Fiji will remain safe all of our crew will be safe, and, of course, all of our players will be safe,” he said in an Instagram video.

Probst was “thrilled” to be hosting the show amid the coronavirus pandemic. “I gotta tell you, I can’t remember a time I’ve been this pumped to shoot Survivor and I’ll tell you why: This year has reminded me — and I hope it’s reminded you — that you’ve got to live your life like it’s one big adventure and Survivor fulfills that,” the host explained. “So I am thrilled to say I will see you on the island for Survivor 41. Let’s do it!”

‘Survivor’ Season 41 Might Be Shorter

In the past, players spend 39 days playing the game, but it might be different this time around. Nothing has been confirmed, but rumors have swirled that season 41 of Survivor could be shortened to 29 days, Inside Survivor wrote. CBS has not publicly responded to the chatter.

It wasn’t clear why season 41 might be shortened, but Inside Survivor surmised it had to do with possible budget concerns over cast and crew quarantining for 14 days before filming.

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