Weigh In on Which ‘Survivor’ Twists You’d Like to See Disappear


There is a definite split in Survivor between old-school seasons and new-school seasons. The newer seasons have had more twists, gimmicks, and hidden immunity idols than the old-school seasons ever did — and fans are kind of over it.

Here are the frontrunners for which twist the fans think should disappear and never come back — and then vote in our poll to sound off on which twist you’d like to vote off the island.

The Least Popular Gimmicks and Twists

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In a poll, Gold Derby acknowledged that some twists aren’t going anywhere, like hidden immunity idols. And we don’t mind those that much — if maybe the show would use them more sparingly.

But far more hated are twists like the Super Idol, which gets to be played after the votes are read, making it incredibly powerful; the 50/50 coin, which can turn into an idol; the Idol Nullifier, which lets you throw someone’s idol out; the Steal a Vote power, the Safety Without Power advantage, which lets someone leave Tribal Council without getting to vote but it means they’re safe; the Edge of Extinction, which lets someone return very late in the game; the now-mandatory fire-making challenge at Final Four, and the new fire tokens introduced during “Winners at War.”

Here are the most unpopular twists:

No. 3: Fire Tokens

We did not expect this one to be so high up because giving the castaways a way to buy advantages and making them strategically gift their tokens to someone else was kind of interesting. But this twist did go hand-in-hand with a gimmick that is despised by fans, so maybe that’s why. Read on for the despised one (it came in first).

No. 2: Final four fire-making

We completely agree on this one — instead of allowing the final four to vote someone out, now the final immunity winner gets to pick one person to save and then the other two compete in a fire-making challenge. This allows someone who maybe is not friends at all with the other finalists to sneak into the final three — and if that person has no allies left in the game, he or she might have a lot of allies on the jury. It doesn’t seem fair; everyone should have to get to the end the same way.

In fact, if there were no final four fire-making challenge, would eventual winner Tony Vlachos even have gotten to the finals on “Winners at War”? Natalie Anderson won the final immunity and chose to take Michele Fitzgerald with her to the finals because she saw Fitzgerald as someone she could beat. If there were no fire-making challenge, would she and Fitzgerald have voted Vlachos out? It all depends on if Sarah Lacina had turned on Vlachos and voted with the other two or forced Fitzgerald and Vlachos to draw rocks. But still, that would have been interesting to watch.

No. 1: Edge of Extinction

This is a highly unpopular twist, earning nearly 30 percent of the vote in the poll. It has been used in seasons 38 and 40. In season 38, it let Chris Underwood back in the game at the final five and he eventually won the whole thing. Fans were rankled that he had not had a hand in eliminating nearly anyone on the jury, so it felt like an unfair advantage for him.

In season 40, it did not hand Edge of Extinction returnee Anderson the win, but she did earn four votes from the jury. In that instance, the entire cast got to be the jury (if they remained on Edge of Extinction the entire time; Sandra Diaz-Twine chose to leave the game). So the twist could easily have handed Anderson the win if her fellow Edge of Extinction castaways had decided to vote for her because they had formed better relationships with her.

Which Twist Would You Like to Lose?

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Time to weigh in on which twist you would like to vote off the island. Which one out of these would you be happy if we never see again: Super Idols, the Idol Nullifier, the 50/50 coin, the Steal a Vote power, the Safety Without Power advantage, the Edge of Extinction, the Final Four fire challenge, or Fire Tokens? Vote now in our poll:

Survivor hopes to film season 41 in the spring of 2021 for a fall 2021 premiere.

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