Latest ‘Survivor’ Boot Tells All In Raunchy New Exit Interview

Sydney Segal eliminated from Survivor 41

YouTube Sydney Segal's torch is snuffed in episode 7 of 'Survivor 41.'

In the most recent exit interview of Rob Has A Podcast, Rob Cesternino sat down to talk with Sydney Segal, the latest boot of the current “Survivor” season. Sydney did not shy away from speaking about her time on the island, the relationships she formed, and the dynamics behind the latest Tribal Council vote. Here’s what she had to say.

Sydney’s Behind-The-Scenes Insight Behind Her Elimination

In the latest episode of “Survivor 41,” contestant Erika Casupanan forced half the remaining castaways, including Sydney, to compete in an individual immunity challenge in a controversial new “hourglass twist.” Sydney just barely lost the challenge, and was subsequently eliminated.

When Cesternino asked her if she harbored any ill will toward Erika for doing so, Sydney said she did not. “I would’ve done the exact same thing,” she said of Erika’s decision. “F*** yeah! I’d smash that s*** with my f****** head! Anything, I don’t care.”

She did, however blast the twist itself in another exit interview on EW, stating “I mean, it’s not even a twist, it’s a lie. We’re told one thing and then something else happens.” She went on to say “that hourglass did me dirty. But congratulations, CBS, for achieving exactly what you wanted to achieve. And that was to get a very strong player out and keep a lamb in.”

In her RHAP interview, she said of her alliance with her closest allies – Danny McCray, Deshawn Radden, Evvie Jagoda, and Xander Hastings – that she “nursed those relationships beautifully, because all those people kind of went to bat for me, and none of them voted for me.” She added that she did not feel betrayed by anybody. “Everybody that I wanted to work with, everybody that I liked, those people did not vote for me at all.”

She said of her elimination, “I wanted to be in the middle, and that’s where I felt like I was, and so I was kind of the only option at that point.”

“Unfortunately you cannot reason with crazy,” Sydney said, “and crazy is the season 41 cast. Everyone but me, of course.”

On Wednesday’s “live Tribal Council,” as fans refer to it – a relatively new concept in “Survivor” whereby contestants engage in strategy and planning at Tribal Council, as opposed to on the beach, usually via whispering and clustering into groups – Sydney stated that she was simply too tired to engage after a certain point. “There was kind of just a point where I was like, ‘S***, I kinda wanna go to bed… As long as they’re not voting for anybody but me, I don’t give a f***’.”

She later added that the Tribal Council – which was her first – went on so long she lost count. “I just wanted to go to bed. I don’t even know!”

Sydney Had Smooth and Fraught Relationships On The Island

Contestants of Survivor 41.

YouTubeContestants await the start of the immunity challenge in ‘Survivor 41.’

Sydney stated that, although her closest allies were Danny and Deshawn, she was also closer for a time with fan favorite Naseer Muttalif during their time on the Luvu tribe than some fans might know. Although Naseer was on the outs strategically, she and her Luvu tribemates depended on him for survival. “The only reason I said we needed him is because we’re total degenerates when it came to survival,” she said. “In terms of, like, actual strategy, he was so erratic and very hard to be around, but toward the end and going into the merge, I was actually kissing Naseer’s a**! Like, Naseer was like ‘Hey Sydney, go lick the sand’, I go lick the sand!”

When asked whether she was able to decipher the secret idol phrase used by Nasser in episode 5, she responded, “Literally no; I’m really gullible in general, so I remember he said that and my first thought was like, ‘Wow what great vocabulary! English is your third language? Like, nice! …He’s trying to, like, expand his vocabulary!”

She said of Heather Aldret, a fellow Luvu castaway, in her EW interview:

We are not friends… She was very holier-than-thou, I would say. She’s just such a know-it-all. You can’t say anything without her [making] the conversation about herself. I would say, like, ‘Oh, pretty rock.’ She’d be like, ‘Oh, that rock reminds me of the rock me and Bubba used to go fishing on’.

In regards to a secret scene posted on Instagram in which Heather claimed to have fabricated a dream in which Sydney stole her torch, Sydney said: “Okay so why would you- what’s the point of the dream? Just be like, ‘I’m upset with Sydney.’ Like I think it’s a failed attempt at screentime. So congrats, you got on the Instagram.”

There was one other contestant who she claimed to be close with, however. She said of Tiffany Seely, who was neither part of Sydney’s alliance nor a fellow member of Luvu, “She’s family… If I found out we were distant relatives, I would not even be surprised, because like, she’s family.” She closed by saying that one of her favorite moments of her time on the show was her last night there, when she and Tiffany spent the night “just literally laughing all night. Like actually just laughing all f****** night.”

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