Castaway Says ‘Survivor’ Cut Out Their S*** Talking

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YouTube/CBS This 'Survivor' alum says the show edited out her cursing.

The castaways on Survivor are often showcased scheming and talking about their competitors, especially before heading to Tribal Council. But one alum says she was surprised by the positive edit the Survivor producers and editors gave her. This alum says some of her most honest confessionals, which could have made her look more “mean,” never made it to air.

Victoria Baamonde Says She Is ‘Pretty Mean’ When She Doesn’t Like Someone But Survivor Didn’t Show That Side of Her Personality

Victoria Baamonde made it to day 36 on Survivor: Edge of Extinction, which aired in 2019. She was on the right side of every vote until the Tribal Council when she was voted out, and she participated in several blindsides.

Baamonde was also credited for remaining somewhat “under the radar” throughout her season. This was a deliberate strategy. She described herself on her CBS bio as “self-aware enough to know when to tone down the quantities that make me a threat. I’m not afraid to lie and backstab, but I’m smart enough to know without alliances and bonds, you will never win.”

But there was a side of Baamonde that she says audiences didn’t get a chance to see. She recently told Entertainment Weekly that she felt the Survivor producers made her look good in the final edit of the show but that she’s not sure whether she’s happy about that. “I’m pretty mean when I don’t like you,” Baamonde said. “I really didn’t even consider the fact that this would be on TV one day; I was just there to win.”

She touched on the fact that developing friendships with her fellow competitors had been a challenge for her. “If I could change anything, I’d say I’d have tried to create better bonds with people sooner on. I’m not really good at making friends, Baamonde said. “I think people see me as standoffish, but it’s only because I’m really awkward and have bad social anxiety.”

Baamonde Says CBS Left Her ‘Foul Mouth’ on the Cutting Room Floor

Best of Victoria – Survivor EoEVictoria Baamonde: Cold-hearted Strictly strategic But so iconic Seriously one of the best players we've seen in a while! If not for EoE, who knows, maybe she's the winner of Survivor S38… Consider liking and subscribing if you'd like more Survivor clips, it really helps me out a lot! All rights go to CBS2019-07-24T00:22:49Z

CBS is forced to bleep out curse words because of rules established by the Federal Communications Commission. Networks like CBS, ABC and NBC are not allowed to broadcast “indecent and profane content” between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. because “there is a reasonable risk that children may be in the audience.”

That may have been part of the reason why some of Baamonde’s confessionals never made it to air! Baamonde told EW that the Survivor audience didn’t get to see that she naturally has a potty mouth. “I also have a really foul mouth,” Baamonde said. “CBS didn’t air any of my cursing or s— talking. Don’t know whether I’m happy about that or not.”

In that questionnaire for EW, Baamonde also said she felt that her gameplay style was tough for the producers to properly display. “I think my game was a little too heady for it to really translate. I wasn’t ‘in the shadows’ like everyone says. I was a very active strategist and was able to always know what was going on.”

Baamonde Now Works With Animals in New York City

Baamonde says she would love to play Survivor again and joked to EW about whether Jeff Probst had lost her phone number. But in the meantime, Baamonde is pursuing a career working with animals. She told EW that she works for the Center for Avian and Exotic Medicine, which is a veterinary hospital.

According to her LinkedIn account, Baamonde used to work for AKC PetCare as an assistant manager. She also was working as a waitress when she went on Survivor, according to her CBS bio.

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