Fans Weigh In On Who They Want to Win ‘Survivor 41’

Jeff Probst Survivor 41

CBS Jeff Probst is the host and executive producer of "Survivor."

The newest season of “Survivor” has fans both invested and divided on various counts. On one hand, the cast, as well as CBS’s decision for all future casts to consist of 50% people of color, has been widely praised by fans. On the other hand, some production decisions, most notably new twists and advantages, as well as the editing in recent seasons, have faced quite a bit of criticism.

What are fans’ thoughts on the most current season, however? Who are they rooting for, what draws their ire, and how will it affect future seasons moving forward? “Survivor” fans are not shy about weighing in.

Fans Reveal Who They Want to Win ‘Survivor 41’

With Sydney Segal becoming the most recent boot in episode 7 of “Survivor 41,” there are now 11 castaways remaining. Some have been given more favorable screentime than others; according to Survivor Edgic, the current contestant with the highest number of confessionals goes to Shantel Smith with 36, with Evvie Jagoda coming in second at 27. Although this isn’t necessarily indicative of a winner, it can give a hint as to who will be a major player down the line.

In a recent Reddit thread, fans were asked who they want to win “Survivor 41.” Three contestants stood out the most.

The most popular answer was Naseer Muttalif, a contestant who has received much love from fans in recent weeks, with many pointing out and admiring his heroic qualities. 

It was a tight call between second and third, with most other users vying for either Xander Hastings, who most recently pulled off an impressive strategic move, circumnavigating the “Knowledge Is Power” advantage meant to be used against him, or Tiffany Seely, a 47-year-old teacher who is also part of Xander’s small, outcast alliance.

One popular comment on Tiffany read, “I have waited ages for another older female winner with a huge personality, and now that we have a contender who isn’t being shown as some crazy cat lady, I need her to break the six-man streak,” referring to the last six winners of the show all being male.

If Tiffany does pull it off, she would be the second-oldest winner in “Survivor” history, after only 57-year-old Robert “Bob” Crowley of “Survivor: Gabon.” She would also be the oldest female winner in the show’s history.

Another user praised Tiffany’s underdog status, saying “[She would be] my favorite kind of Survivor winner. Initially dismissed as chaotic or expendable, ultimately reveals themselves to be quite good at the game and defies all expectations. I’m 100% team Tiffany.”

Some Production Decisions Have Not Been Popular Among Fans

"Survivor 41" cast

CBSThe cast of “Survivor 41.”

Although much of the cast and strategy this season has been well-received, some decisions made by production have proven to be controversial.

The various new twists and advantages, for instance, have been widely derailed by fans online and previous cast members alike. In addition, the editing of recent seasons, including the current one, has been criticized for focusing too much on certain contestants and not enough on others. Season 38 contestant Julia Carter tweeted recently against the edit contestant Heather Aldret has been receiving (so far, Heather has received only two confessionals total), saying, “Justice for Heather’s edit. For real, when I advocated for diversity with CBS, I thoroughly discussed equity in editing.” She advocated all contestants be allowed to “see themselves & enjoy a sliver of their memories cemented in the edit.” 

Fans have spoken out in support of Julia’s sentiments, with one Reddit user saying, “It feels like they’re completely ignoring her. From a television aspect, purpling characters does not work.” “Purpling” refers to characters receiving very little screen time, named after season 21 contestant “Purple Kelly” Shinn.

In addition, Jeff Probst’s decision to drop the word “guys” from his legendary “catchphrase,” “come on in guys,” has proven to be controversial. Though most contestants seemed to think it was not an issue, contestant Ricard Foyé later spoke up and asked Probst not use the word, to which Probst enthusiastically agreed.

According to a poll done by Gold Derby after the first episode, 89% of fans expressed disappointment in Probst changing the phrase. Only 3% thought he made the right decision, while 8% said they didn’t care either way. However, previous Survivor castaways have spoken out in favor of Probst’s decision, claiming it makes for more “inclusive” language.

Whether Probst and production will listen to fans and make changes accordingly is a separate question, and it is yet to be seen how many more changes there will be to the show’s format in future seasons. Seasons 41 and 42 have both completed filming, and season 41 will continue to air on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS until the finale December.

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