Taco Bell’s Thanksgiving Day 2020 Hours: Is It Open?

Taco Bell


Are you wanting to grab some crispy tacos or a bean burrito for Thanksgiving at Taco Bell? Whether you just need a little extra food at the end of the day or you prefer celebrating your entire Thanksgiving meal with some burritos and tacos, you may be wondering if Taco Bell is open on Thanksgiving 2020. Read on for all the details.

Taco Bell Locations Are Expected To Be Closed for Thanksgiving, Although in the Past Some Locations Were Sometimes Open

Taco Bell’s website notes that the chain is closed on Thanksgiving. It’s also closed on Christmas Day, but may be open on Christmas Eve.

It’s worth noting that in 2019 when Heavy reached out to Taco Bell about whether the chain was closed on Thanksgiving, a representative said that the decision was made store-by-store and not chainwide. A representative told Heavy at the time: “Holiday hours vary by location, we encourage customers to ask their local restaurants about potential closures.” Heavy reached out to Taco Bell again this year but did not hear back. So it’s best to assume Taco Bell is closed this year, based on the website’s announcement. But if you are really craving crispy tacos, you can give your closest location a call.

Click here to find your closest Taco Bell and see its hours today. Or go here to see a full list of locations per state.

Keep in mind that individual store hours and policies may also vary from what you’re used to because of the coronavirus pandemic. Some stores may be open for more limited hours in certain locations or have other policies in place for safety purposes, or they may be limited by local pandemic regulations. It’s best to check with your local store for specific policies.

There are still many other options even though Taco Bell is closed. For example, Whataburger is open on Thanksgiving if there is one in your region. And Cracker Barrel is open nationwide and serving holiday meals for those who don’t want to cook at home. As for Taco Bell, some stores may be open and some stores may be closed. Other restaurants that are open include Golden Corral with a Thanksgiving spread, Waffle House, some T.G.I. Friday’s locations with traditional turkey dinners, Tony Roma’s, Ruby Tuesday’s, and even some Popeyes (select restaurants) will have a “Churkey” meal this year along with a Cajun-style turkey.

Taco Bell Specials

Once Taco Bell reopens on Black Friday, you’ll likely want to grab some food there. They have a number of specials happening. These include a $5 toasted cheddar chalupa box that includes a crunchy taco, cinnamon twists, and a medium drink.

There’s also a new Veggie Cravings menu (just remember that Pico de Gallo is no longer on the menu.) Options include a black bean toasted cheddar chalupa, a veggie nachos party pack, a regular black bean chalupa, a black bean crunchwrap supreme, a black bean quesarito, a bean burrito or cheesy bean and rice burrito, and more.

Taco Bell also has a grilled cheese burrito at participating locations.

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