Teen Mom: Aubree Worries About Adam & Cole Attending Her Dance


Instagram "Teen Mom 2" star Chelsea Houska's daughter, Aubree Lind DeBoer, was worried about who she would spend time with if both Adam Lind and Cole DeBoer attended her school dance.

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska’s daughter, Aubree, was worried about who she would spend time with if both Adam Lind and Cole DeBoer attended her school dance. With Adam in and out of the picture, Cole has previously attended many of Aubree’s school dances, but now she wants both of her fathers to be in her life, as shown in a sneak peek clip of the September 22 episode of Teen Mom 2.

“Cole’s watching the younger kids today so I can spend some time with Aubree and my friend is meeting us later, but the father-daughter dance is a few weeks away and she mentioned asking her dad to come this year,” Chelsea says in a voice-over.

According to Chelsea, Adam told Aubree he wanted to attend the dance this year. When bringing up the father-daughter dance, the Teen Mom 2 star makes sure her daughter wants her biological father there.

Chelsea is hesitant to reach out to Adam herself, saying she’d even write down the date of the dance on paper so she doesn’t have to talk to her ex. “I’ll figure out the date and you can just tell him when it is, cause I don’t have his number or anything,” she tells Aubree. “Or I can even write it on a piece of paper to give to him.”

Aubree adds that she wants Cole to come too, but she’s worried about what will happen if Adam and Cole are there together. “I don’t know who I would hang out with,” she says.

Chelsea tells her not to worry about it and just enjoy herself. Aubree then giggles and says she’ll “ditch them and go play with a friend.”

“That’s literally what’s going to happen,” Chelsea tells her. “So don’t worry about their feelings. Only worry about you having fun, you know what I mean? Because they’re grown-ups, they’re fine.”

Chelsea Doesn’t Know If Aubree Should Get A Phone

Aubree is getting older, and that also means she’s interested in getting a phone. When Chelsea’s friend Laura show’s up at the ice cream shop, the Teen Mom 2 star asks her friend if she should buy Aubree one.

I think if you do you should start with a flip phone,” Laura tells her. Aubree was not pleased with the idea, saying an exaggerated “excuse me!”

Laura doubles down. “No, seriously. That’s what we had to live with. Then they’ll appreciate it when they do have a nice phone,” she explains.

Adam Is Only Allowed To Have Supervised Visits with Aubree

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Adam has been arrested more than a dozen times over the past decade and once tested positive for meth, leading for Chelsea to make sure he’s not allowed to have unsupervised visits with their daughter. As noted by Too Fab, Adam is only allowed to see Aubree at school events or during supervised visitation. His parents are allowed to see Aubree once a month, but Adam is not allowed at those gatherings.

In the finale last season, Chelsea got into an argument over the phone with Adam’s mom, Donna, who wanted her son to be able to attend family gatherings with Aubree. “I haven’t seen any steps on his end to be okay with that quite yet,” Chelsea says. “He could go to the visitation center again and set up visits again.” Last season, Adam missed scheduled appointments with his daughter.

Since Donna didn’t agree to be on Teen Mom 2, only Chelsea’s side of the conversation was recorded. “It would have been different to hear he wants to see her, from him,” Chelsea adds. “You’re not gonna talk to me like that. The final word of it is I’m not comfortable. I’m not comfortable with it, I guess.”

It’s not clear what Donna said to Chelsea. The reality star added Adam’s mom was trying to “make me feel like I’m making the wrong decision.”

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