Debra Danielsen Talks Daughter Farrah & Life Today

Farrah Abraham

Getty Former "Teen Mom OG" star Debra Danielson gave Heavy an exclusive interview where she talked about what she and Farrah Abraham are up to today.

Former Teen Mom OG star Debra Danielsen gave Heavy an exclusive interview where she talked about what she and Farrah Abraham are up to today: For Danielsen, it’s a burgeoning music career and Abraham just graduated from the Los Angeles Film School with her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Los Angeles Film School.

Danielsen told Heavy she was “very proud” of Abraham. “[Farrah] is moving on to the next level in her life,” she said.” I think it’s kind of cool that Farrah has been able to realize her dreams in entertainment and now she can be behind the camera and do some creative stuff.”

If things go as planned, Abraham could be adding a producer or director title to her resume. “She’s got some really good show ideas. I think she’s got some great contacts for people to be in some of these shows,” Danielsen said. “I just think it’s gonna be an awesome thing for her to do some of these projects… So I’m really excited. I’m very happy for her.” 

Danielsen added, “I’m especially proud because she’s seriously investing in herself–like everyone should.” 

Danielsen Is Taking On The Music Industry & Releasing New Music

Danielsen’s latest music video, called “Side Hustle Mak’n It,” dropped on September 14. The aspiring artist was inspired to create the song after she was forced to take a side job during the coronavirus pandemic that she didn’t enjoy. Viewers might notice Danielsen crushing a phone during the video–that’s because she worked at AT&T for her “side hustle,” as she calls it. Luckily for Danielsen, she’s no longer there.

 “It’s just really hard when you’re not in your element,” she said, noting that she’d like to make a career out of music moving forward. “I know a lot of people are having to get a nine-to-five, but they have dreams. My side hustle was making me miserable because the people were just so mean to me.” 

“It was just horrible,” Danielsen continued, talking about her temporary gig. “I can’t even tell you how bad it was. I’m not there any longer. Thank god.” 

Danielsen said the song is relatable for anyone who is working in a position that doesn’t bring them joy. “The song is talking about the trials and tribulations people go through on their jobs, and especially when they’re not meant for that particular job and they’ve given it all but they’re still being harangued and harassed,” she revealed.

Deb Wants To Release An Album & Inspire People To Feel Empowered

While making music is something fun she’s been doing during the lockdown because of the coronavirus, Danielsen plans to release a full album next year.

“I think the two things I would love to do is to be able to create music that inspires people and gives them confidence,” she said. Danielsen also noted she would like to get back into reality TV. 

Another thing that’s important to the former reality TV star is to put out messages of empowerment and body positivity.

“I wanna tell women–and people in general–to believe in themselves and their dreams. The other thing is to have a positive body image,” she said. “There are a lot of people right now, especially a lot of young girls that their bodies aren’t good enough or they’re not pretty enough.” 

“Be whatever you feel comfortable with and be proud of it,” Danielsen said, “And don’t listen to all these people that are haters. Just go do yourself and be yourself.” 

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