EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Will Farrah Abraham & Her Mom Return to Teen Mom OG?

Farrah Abraham

Getty Former "Teen Mom OG" star Farrah Abraham and her mother, Debra Danielsen, might be interested in returning to the MTV show that made them famous.

Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham and her mother, Debra Danielsen, might be interested in returning to the MTV show that made them famous. In an exclusive interview with Heavy, Danielsen revealed that she definitely wants to appear on reality TV again and shared what it might take to get MTV and Abraham to agree.

Aside from pursuing a music career, Danielsen said her other main goal is to appear on television again. “I really believe it’s a powerful platform to help other people and to show other people that, hey, we all have struggles and maybe here’s a fresh way of looking at it or something,” she said about appearing on reality TV. “Putting you could do the kind of overcome the negatives in your life.”

Danielsen Says She Misses Being on ‘Teen Mom OG’

Abraham didn’t leave MTV on the best terms, but Danielsen admitted that she misses being on Teen Mom OG.

“I know that sounds kind of odd, but the reason I say that this is we all started together. We kicked off the franchise. It was about us, right? And so we became a family, and we would always have holidays together because that’s the way the network was going at that time,” she said. “So I do miss everybody. I miss the girls. I miss the kids and I miss the producers too.”

While Danielsen says she and Abraham would like to go back on Teen Mom OG, it might take a “Vulcan mind-meld” to make it happen.

“I think we would all go back to Teen Mom if we could,” she said. “I’m going to put this in terms that are probably hilarious. But, you know, it reminds me of Spock from Star Trek. I think we need to have a Vulcan mind-meld to get things going here. It’s like we can’t get people to see eye to eye, and … there are good people on each side.”

She said its a loss for everyone that they’re not on Teen Mom OG and would like to get in a room with producers and Abraham to “hammer this bitch out and fix it… We’re going to be smarter than this issue and put all the ego outside the door and let’s just get smart here and do what’s right.”

Danielsen Says Abraham Is The Only ‘Teen Mom’ Who Didn’t Continue ‘Reproducing’

Without them on the show, Danielsen said Teen Mom OG is quite different.

“I’m not trying to be negative, but I just really feel like the whole show needs to be reformatted. My daughter is the only one who has gone on and who has the vision to do professional development to the point where she can actually go out and be self-sufficient,” the former reality TV star said. “She’s the only one not continuing to reproduce. So she takes it very seriously that she wants to be empowered as a female and to be self-sufficient.”

If going back on Teen Mom OG isn’t an option, Danielsen is interested in starting a reality TV show with her daughter and granddaughter, Sophia. “I think between the three of us, there really isn’t anybody doing that kind of stuff we’re doing as a family,” she said. “There’s none of that. And I really think that we have a cool story, and I really think we have content that people would be interested in.” 

Danielsen has been pursuing a music career, Abraham just graduated with a Bachelors degree from Los Angeles Film School and Sophia has been doing acting classes and pursuing music, too.

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