Teen Mom Star’s Daughter Gets Her Own Instagram

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MTV The kids of "Teen Mom" are getting older, with one star's daughter getting her own Instagram page.

The kids of Teen Mom are getting older, with one star’s daughter getting her own Instagram page. Jenelle Evans promoted the new account for her stepdaughter, husband David Easons daughter Maryssa. The 13-year-old has already had her own TikTok page since February where she boasts nearly 13,000 followers.

The first picture she posted is black-and-white and doesn’t have any caption. The second is a photo with her sister, 3-year-old Ensley Jolie. “Ensley is so beautiful and such a sweet little sister!” she wrote on September 10. The comments for both posts were disabled.

Evans promoted Maryssa’s page on her account, which boasts nearly 3 million followers. “Maryssa has an IG now!!! She’s finally old enough to have one,” she wrote.

According to Instagram’s guidelines, users must be at least 13 years old to use their platform. “Accounts that represent someone under the age of 13 must clearly state in the account’s bio that the account is managed by a parent or manager,” the platform says.

Maryssa Was Briefly Removed from Evans & Easons Care

Maryssa was briefly removed from Evans and Eason’s North Carolina home in May 2019 after the duo were investigated by child protective services over abuse allegations. Maryssa testified against her father in court. All the children, including 6-year-old Kaiser and 3-year-old Ensley, were returned to the home in July 2019.

Maryssa’s stepfather, Shane Rich, was concerned about his daughter returning to Eason’s care. The former reality TV star has full custody of Maryssa.

“We are very upset and Maryssa is traumatized,” Rich told The Ashley in an exclusive July 2019 interview. “She was very brave and honest and the justice system failed her. We just told her to protect herself…and do what she has to do to peacefully survive there. It’s a sad thing for a child to have to do, but it’s the only option in this situation, for now.”

Rich was worried about her safety. “We’ve all seen what sometimes happens next…Maryssa] will have to act happy and suck her feelings up, if she can, but a child shouldn’t have to do that,” he said.

Eason & Evans Were Accused of Child Abuse

In “I Have Something To Say”–a new docuseries starring, directed and produced by Evans–the couple has claimed there was no reason for CPS to take the children away from them other than admitting Eason has an anger problem. The court documents Evans shared, however, highlighted that CPS was concerned about potential abuse taking place in the home.

After the media picked up on the documents, Evans said the abuse allegations were only against 6-year-old Kaiser but claimed they were applied to all the children since they’re in the same family.

“Even though there was allegations against us about Kaiser, the same allegations were on every single kids’ paperwork,” Evans said on her Instagram Story. “They probably should have made it very specific based on each child. Instead, they made it all together as one, maybe because we’re all the same family. I don’t know.”

Eason vehemently denied allegations of sexual abuse in a statement to Heavy, when asked about possible physical or sexual abuse. “That was never an allegation,” he said. “Maybe you should just keep up with the YouTube series to stay up to date. You might not want to publish info that comes from haters.”

Heavy reached out to officials from the Columbus County Department of Social Services in North Carolina but did not receive a response.

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