PHOTOS: Chelsea & Cole DeBoer’s Dream Home Is Coming Along

Cole DeBoer

Instagram "Teen Mom 2" stars Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer invited fans to see how their dream home in coming along by creating an Instagram page just for the farmhouse.

Teen Mom 2 stars Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer invited fans to see how their dream home in coming along by creating an Instagram page just for the farmhouse, called Down Home DeBoers.

The couple, who is expecting their fourth child in early 2021, shared a video of their plot of land for their first post in January. They invited their followers to watch their journey. “This was the first time we actually got to go out on the lot! It’s gonna be pretty amazing watching the transformation,” they wrote.

Two months later, Cole shared a picture of the property and made a joke about his backside. “That’s a beautiful view…and I’m not just talking about that a**,” he quipped. “Taking it allllll in. It’s gonna be pretty wild watching this place transform into home!!”

The DeBoers Were Inspired By Pinterest & Instagram

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Laundry and mudroom coming together!!! 🥰

A post shared by Down Home DeBoers (@downhomedeboers) on Sep 2, 2020 at 2:37pm PDT

Chelsea wrote she has been dreaming about this house for years. “We don’t know much about building a house, BUT I have been preparing for this for years if you count pinteresting and allllll the farmhouse Instagram pages I follow,” she wrote. “Holy crap. We are so excited for this journey.”

She also asked for help from her followers and asked them what type of content they would like to see on the Down Home DeBoer page. “Comment below with your favorite farmhouse Instagram account or hashtag that we need to be following!” she said.

The kids–Aubree, Watson and Layne–have also been involved in the process. While the house is being built, the kids have came to the property and played on the land. “We love going to visit the house to see the progress and doing lots of exploring! Sissy was long gone in the trees immediately after we got there,” they wrote in a May 8 post.

Chelsea & Cole Seem Like They’re Enjoying The Process

Building a house can be stressful, but the DeBoers seem like it’s been pretty stressfree for them.

The couple posted a photo of the smiling and laying down on their future floors. “Sometimes you gotta stop, lay down and take it allllll in and have a moment to be truly grateful. Today we did just that,” they wrote.

When it came to picking out the interior design for the home, Chelsea was practically jumping for joy after they concluded the first day without fighting. “Wrapping up day 1 of picking out interior finishes. 0 fights or arguments. I’ll call that a WIN in the home building process,” they wrote.

It doesn’t mean they haven’t had to work on a compromise. In a May 23 post, Chelsea talked about how they had to work through some of their differences.

“There was some compromising,” she wrote. “Things that Cole was set on and I was either or about so we went with his idea. Things I was dead set on so we went with mine. Compromise the s*** out of things.”

The couple credited their team with the process being so enjoyable. “We both agree that our builders were one of the main reasons this week ended up being so fun,” she said. “We fully trust their opinion and know that they see our vision and help us create it. Get yourself some bomb ass builders because I can’t stress enough how much they’ve been a part of making this process fun.”

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