Former Teen Mom Faces Child Abuse Allegations


Getty A former "Teen Mom" star is facing child abuse allegations.

A former Teen Mom star is facing child abuse allegations after The Grace Report first discovered why Jenelle Evans’ daughter was removed from her home in May 2019.

Evans has been directing, producing, and starring in her own docuseries, titled “I Have Something To Say,” where she talks about the past year. Both 3-year-old Ensley and 6-year-old son Kaiser–who she shares with ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith–were removed from their home last year after husband David Eason shot and killed their dog, Nugget. The pet’s death was the nail in the coffin for Evans’ career on Teen Mom 2, with MTV firing her following the violent incident.

In the docuseries, Evans, Eason and Barbara gloss over Nugget’s death and the documented 911 calls the former Teen Mom 2 star made. We now know the child abuse allegations are something else they haven’t been addressing.

Heavy reached out to Evans and Barbara for comment but did not immediately hear back.

Eason denied the accusations entirely. “That was never an allegation,” he told Heavy. “Maybe you should keep up with the YouTube series to stay up to date.”

On her September 9 Instagram Story, Evans indirectly said the child abuse allegations were false. “So I made this whole YouTube series so I can give you guys insight on the false allegations that they had against us and how the case was ultimately dismissed at the end,” she said.

CPS Was Reportedly Investigating Child Abuse Allegations

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans/YouTubeA former “Teen Mom” star is facing child abuse allegations.

At the 1:30-minute mark of the video, Evans shared a photo of the document she says she received during the investigation. Regarding Ensley, who was 2 years old at the time, the Court in Columbus County, North Carolina, found there was “a reasonable factual basis to believe that the matters alleged in the petition are true, that there are no other reasonable means available to protect the juvenile.”

The first box checked off underneath that says: “The juvenile has suffered physical injury or sexual abuse.”

The second reads: “The juvenile is exposed to a substantial risk or physical injury or sexual abuse because the parent, guardian, custodian or caretaker has created conditions likely to cause injury or abuse or has failed to provide, or is unable to provide, adequate supervision or protection.”

The Department of Social Services then listed various ways they tried to prevent removing the children from the home. “SW attempted numerous home visits, visited the minor child in the school setting, spoke with collateral contacts, requested parents voluntarily place children in kinship placement with relatives, attempted to arrange a child and family team meeting with parents, and spoke with parents via telephone,” the document says.

The Grace Report added that Evans was given the option to keep her children together, but she would have to leave Eason. Instead, she chose to stay with Eason and had the children removed from the home.

Evans Hasn’t Addressed The Child Abuse Allegations

I Have Something to Say – Episode 2Continuing from Episode 1, dive deep with me into my past with detailed information about my CPS case from May-July 2019. In this episode you will see content I filmed a year ago from my iPhone in the children's bedrooms. Also watch exclusive interviews from myself, Barbara Evans, and David Eason speaking about the beginning…2020-09-07T22:00:10Z

In the first two episodes of Evans’ series, she, Eason, and her mother Barbara all claim there was no reason for child protective services to take the children away. They said they have no idea what prompted the investigation, with Barbara adding her daughter and son-in-law don’t abuse drugs or alcohol.

She also claims there were no incidents of domestic violence, even though there were various 911 calls from their residence, including one emergency call that was featured on Teen Mom 2 before Evans was let go from the series.

While Evans didn’t respond to Heavy’s request for comment, she accused The Grace Report of spreading lies. “YOU ARE SPREADING FALSE INFORMATION,” she wrote. “YOUR ENTIRE ACCOUNT SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN.”

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