Teen Mom Jade Cline Calls Herself A ‘Hair Artist’

Jade Cline

MTV "Teen Mom 2" star Jade Cline is a licensed cosmetologist who used to work at her grandmother's restaurant.

Teen Mom 2 star Jade Cline is a licensed cosmetologist who owns her own salon. As shown on the past season of Teen Mom 2, Jade used to work at her grandmother’s restaurant with her mother, Christy Smith.

Cline Considers Herself To Be a ‘Hair Artist’

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The MTV reality star refers to herself as a “hair artist” on Instagram and has a following of more than 30,000 people on her business Instagram page.

During an interview with Heavy, Cline explained that she was still pursuing her cosmetology career after graduating in November. “I have my own business license in my own traveling license. After the lease for my salon is up–I’m thinking in like three months–I’m probably gonna end up renting a bigger space,” she said. “I want to eventually have a storefront kind of salon.”

With nearly 500,000 Instagram followers, we asked if Cline ever gets Teen Mom 2 fans who come into the salon. She said some of her clients do watch the show, but everyone who wants to sit in her chair has to put down a non-refundable deposit this way she knows they’re serious about the appointment.

Being a Reality TV Star Is The Most Drama-Filled Job, Cline Says

The trailer for the new season shows Cline screaming at MTV cameras to stop filming her. Cline told Heavy she’s not normally that volatile, but reasons the cameras are there to capture some of the tensest moments in her life.

That moment, in particular, happened after a long day of filming after last season’s reunion.

“It was just a long drama filled a** day,” Cline said, noting she had just fought with a member from her old show before she yelled about not wanting to film.

It was the end of the day. I was starving. I was ready to go home and me and my mom ended up getting like into an argument,” she said. “So it was like a drama after drama after drama, and it was like a full day and just bulls***. I was just ready for the day to be over. I was exhausted.”

Cline noted how filming for Teen Mom 2 is different than most jobs because of the emotional strain it puts on the stars. “It’s harder to deal with than a normal job because, in a normal job, they wouldn’t put up with that,” she said. “You would not by arguing with people you work with–like that’s not acceptable. But with this, it’s a lot different.”

Cline Says She’s Become More Patient

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Since joining Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant in 2018, Cline said she has grown as a mother. One of the things she’s been able to do is work on her patience.

“I’ve definitely gotten more patient and more self-aware of everything going on,” she said. “I feel like, after the first couple of seasons, I’ve just grown a lot, and I think I’ve calmed down. I’m more aware of what’s going on, especially if my kid is around. I try to be more PG–I guess you could say–because my kid is getting older and they start to listen and hear things and repeat things.”

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