Adam Lind’s Ex Gives Update on Estranged Daughter & Aubree

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Instagram "Teen Mom 2" star Adam Lind's ex, Taylor Halbur, gave an update on their daughter, Paislee, and her half-sister, Aubree Lind DeBoer.

Teen Mom 2 star Adam Lind’s ex, Taylor Halbur, gave an update on their daughter, Paislee, and her half-sister, Aubree Lind DeBoer. The Halburs haven’t been on the show often, but Adam’s biological daughters have remained close even though he signed over his legal rights of his youngest daughter in 2018. Even though he still has rights of 11-year-old Aubree, he hasn’t been a consistent part of her life physically or financially.

According to Taylor, who spoke exclusively with The Sun, her husband Joe Leonard adopted 7-year-old Paislee in 2018 once Adam terminated his rights. Things are going well for Taylor and her family now that Adam isn’t around. “Married life has been great. I couldn’t imagine my life without [Joe]. He’s wonderful. He’s great with Paislee,” she told the publication. “She’s great, too. She loves school. She’s starting to talk about her best friends from school and things like that. I live a simple, boring life!”

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska and Taylor have remained in touch, and try to get the girls together but it’s been hard because of the pandemic. “Eventually we’ll get back to that place where we’ll be able to get the girls together at the park or movies,” she said. “Once all the COVID stuff dies down I think it’ll be a lot easier.”

“With COVID and everything, it threw a wrench in everybody’s schedules,” Taylor continued, adding that Paislee loves Aubree. “I know Chelsea and I, especially during wintertime and the school time, our schedules are so busy. And then with COVID on top of it, we aren’t able to get them together as often as we would like at this point.”

Taylor Called Chelsea ‘Courageous’ For Leaving ‘Teen Mom 2’

Fans were largely shocked when Chelsea confirmed in November that she was leaving the series after 11 years with the show. Taylor supported Chelsea’s decision, telling The Sun it was a brave move.

“I think if that’s what they want to do that’s what they want to do and I think it’s great,” Taylor said, referencing Chelsea’s family.

The MTV alum is pregnant with her fourth baby. In addition to being Aubree’s mother, she and husband Cole DeBoer have welcomed two children together.

“She’s been on it long enough where she knows what she wants,” Taylor said about Chelsea. “She’s been doing it for so long, for her to leave I think that takes a lot of courage.”

Chelsea Talks About Leaving The Show in the Finale

On the season finale of Teen Mom 2, Chelsea sat down with her husband Cole to reveal she thought her time with MTV was coming to an end. She had apparently been thinking about leaving before COVID-19, but she thought about the decision more while they were self-filming from home.

“Something’s been weighing on me the last few months and I’m finally ready to talk about it on camera,” she said in the sneak peek of the finale. “I’ve really been thinking about it lately and I just feel like I’m questioning if my time on the show Teen Mom is coming to an end. Thinking about it, it’s definitely not an easy decision. I’ve been doing this since I was 17.”

“I just feel like I have a lot to think about,” she continued. “I’m probably not going to say anything to the kids until I make an actual decision.”

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