Amber Portwood Pictured With New Man Ahead of Reunion

Amber Portwood

MTV "Teen Mom OG" star Amber Portwood was spotted with a new man after coming out as bisexual.

“Teen Mom OG” star Amber Portwood was spotted with a new man after coming out as bisexual. The MTV personality had just arrived in Los Angeles for the “Teen Mom OG” reunion when The Sun captured pictures of her with an unknown man.

The outlet asked Portwood, 31, how it felt to be her “true self” after she revealed she was queer. “It’s amazing,” she said.

Portwood added her family was encouraging. “They’re great with it,” she told The Sun. “They’re very supportive.”

The Indiana native previously said ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley might be embarrassed.

“I don’t think he’s going to be very open. He’s gonna think it’s gonna be bad for Leah and things like that,” she said. “He doesn’t even like the thought of going to therapy to help our relationship out or anything like that so this is just another embarrassment to them.”

Portwood Hinted Her Relationship With Leah Was Improving

As far as her future plans, Portwood told the publication she had a “few things going on” but wouldn’t provide any teasers about what was to come. “You guys will see,” she said.

Aside from the interview, the “Teen Mom OG” star has been open about going to school at Purdue University and working on her second book, where she elaborates on a serious relationship she had with a woman for eight months.

Before Portwood finished talking to The Sun, she noted that her relationship with 12-year-old daughter Leah was “going really good.”

Although the person’s identity was a mystery at first, The Sun later revealed the person was a member of MTV’s crew.

Portwood Was Accused of Fabricating a Storyline

Most of Portwood’s segments have featured her relationship with Leah and her paternal family. Though Portwood has another child — a 3-year-old son, James — he’s not allowed to appear on “Teen Mom OG” because of her custody agreement with ex-boyfriend Andrew Glennon.

With not much else to discuss other than Leah, some fans suspected Portwood was looking for a new storyline when she came out as bisexual.

Despite the criticism, Portwood said in an Instagram video that most people were supportive.

“It’s still a little weird for me but this wasn’t fake guys. It’s not for the show,” Portwood said.

“A lot of the people who I’ve been working with for the last 13 years didn’t even know this until I did what I did,” she continued. “I just felt it was time because I’m always talking about being authentic… If I keep on saying that I’m honest and authentic [but] I don’t give you guys everything then I don’t feel that way.”

Portwood added she’s known that she was bisexual since she was a preteen.

“I’ve been dealing with — I really don’t know how to say it [in front of people] because it’s still kind of scary — being bisexual and being attracted [to women] since I was 12,” she said in the video. “But not really acting on it until I was older, obviously. And coming out at the age of 31 after so many years… it took a lot and I just want to thank all of my fans and my supporters.”

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