Amber Portwood’s ‘Crazy’ Book Slapped With a Warning

Amber Portwood

Getty "Teen Mom OG" star Amber Portwood said she "fought" for the warning label on her new memoir, “So, You’re Crazy Too?”

“Teen Mom OG” star Amber Portwood said she “fought” for the warning label on her new memoir, “So, You’re Crazy Too?” The uncensored memoir depicts Portwood’s rollercoaster experience with her five mental illnesses.

“We fought hard for this warning label. I’ve read this book now three times, and I can’t even believe that I’ve lived this life,” she told Page Six in an interview on December 2, 2021, ahead of the book’s February 22, 2022, debut.

Portwood, 31, has a primary diagnosis of bipolar and borderline personality disorder.

“This is just what I go through and I work through. I’ve really learned to live happily with major mental illnesses,” she told the publication. “The anxiety in me. The bipolar, the borderline, the PTSD, all these different things that come together, that’s my makeup — but it’s not exactly who I am.”

Portwood wanted to redefine what the word “Crazy” meant to her, which is why she used it in the title of her second book.

“This is mental illness and this is what people call ‘crazy.’ So, when I say, ‘So, You’re Crazy Too?’ — it’s not what we like to hear,” she told Page Six. “And that’s why the book is called that.”

Portwood’s ‘So, You’re Crazy Too?’ Co-Author Spoke Out

Police said Portwood allegedly wielded a machete at her ex-boyfriend Andrew Glennon while he was holding their 1-year-old son, James, during a domestic incident in July 2019. Portwood was arrested and pleaded guilty to two felony charges of domestic battery and intimidation in October 2019, reported the Indy Star.

But Thea de Sousa — the co-author of Portwood’s forthcoming memoir — claimed the “Teen Mom OG” star never held a weapon.

“I’m not saying she doesn’t have issues, the whole book is about her five mental disorders, but everyone has the story of that night wrong and it breaks my heart for her,” de Sousa said about Portwood. “She has visits with her son every other weekend and it’s all she can handle because of her disorders.”

“She has been sober for five years, is going to school and is really trying to make a good life for herself and her kids,” de Sousa continued. “Nobody is perfect and she is far from it, but you have her all wrong.”

Portwood’s Therapist Talked About Her Mental Illnesses on ‘Teen Mom OG’

During a November 2021 episode of “Teen Mom OG,” Portwood’s ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley agreed to meet with her therapist. The goal was to create a better relationship so they could continue to co-parent their 13-year-old daughter, Leah.

Portwood and Leah’s relationship has been strained for more than a year, but Portwood was hoping that therapy could help fix things.

“Most of them have a history of trauma in their childhood,” Portwood’s therapist told Shirley about people who live with borderline personality disorder. “The major issue with a borderline personality disorder is a fear of abandonment.”

Portwood realized that Leah might also feel like she was neglected by her mother.

“I think she feels really abandoned, um, even though I never meant to do that,” the “Teen Mom OG” star said. “But I also think that she doesn’t understand that a lot of the things that I did was for her.”

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