Amber Portwood Unleashes on Fans During IG Live

Amber Portwood

MTV "Teen Mom OG" star Amber Portwood didn't mince words during a recent Instagram live, which was captured by fans.

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood didn’t mince words during an Instagram live on April 10, which was recorded by fans. The MTV personality called out trolls while rambling about a number of topics, including her domestic violence incident involving her ex-boyfriend Andrew Glennon and 2-year-old son James. The event led to their ultimate breakup and left Amber with five years of probation.

At the beginning of one of her lives, Amber claimed she still sees her son and she dismissed insults from trolls. “You don’t penetrate my soul. You’re not gonna hurt me with what you say about my stuff,” she said. “No one cares about what you’re saying. How about that… You’re not God. You’re not above God.”

The star claimed she was writing a book and brushed off assertions that she was making a mockery of herself. “I’m not embracing myself. I’m telling the truth about mental health and mental illness. How is that embarrassing?” she said. “We’ve been thrown away for centuries. Read my book that’s coming out.”

“Stop talking about the machete, by the way, you need to stop,” Amber added, responding to comments that were posted during the live stream. “We’re not going there. We’re not going there.”  

The “machete” is a reference to the domestic violence incident from July 2019 where Amber allegedly wielded a machete while Andrew was holding James. She later took a plea deal and avoided prison time.

Amber Said It’s a ‘Good Thing’ That She’s on ‘Teen Mom OG’

While some viewers were telling Amber to get off the live stream because she was “embarrassing” herself, the MTV personality refused to end her rant before she was finished. In one of her segments shared to Reddit, she praised former co-star Farrah Abraham for being unfiltered and said that Teen Mom OG needs people like her and Farrah on the show.

“Why would I get off the show? This is a good thing. You need to have honest people on shows like this,” she said. “I’m not saying the other girls. I’m talking about my story… Y’all can believe whatever you want. The manipulation is real from other people.”

Amber claimed the “manipulation” was not done by Teen Mom producers. “This is the stuff you have to deal with. If you don’t want to watch an honest person, you shouldn’t watch my part,” she continued. “But it doesn’t matter if you watch my part anyway because you’re not going to see my story so it doesn’t matter to me.”

The Indiana native used that as a segway to promote her upcoming book, which she’s been working on for three months. “It’ll be out very soon and I’m very proud of it. It’s not just about me. It’s not just about my life,” Amber revealed. “It’s about many, many things that could help a lot of people.”

Amber Is On Bad Terms With Her Eldest Child

Amber neglected to talk about her 12-year-old daughter Leah during the broadcast. The preteen, who is Amber’s child from her relationship with ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley, has set boundaries with her mother. Amber has continued to disappoint her over the years, though she told Leah she will understand when she’s older.

As shown in recent episodes, Leah considers Gary’s wife Kristina to be her true mother. Gary tried to get Leah to make amends with her mother, but she wasn’t interested. Leah said the onus was on Amber to improve their relationship.

“I know personally I’m not ready to do anything one-on-one yet,” Leah told her father during last week’s episode of Teen Mom OG. “I don’t actually know when I’m going to be ready to reach out. For me, that would probably look like her coming over and maybe get ice cream. I just know that I don’t really ever want to stay the night or anything like that.”

“I’ve grown up with the fact that Kristina is my mom,” she continued. “Being a mom isn’t like ‘Oh my God I just gave birth to this child. I’m a mom.’ It’s taking care of that child and like actually being the mom of that child.”

To find out what happens on the Season 9 finale, don’t miss Teen Mom OG when it airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. Eastern time on MTV.

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