Amber Portwood Gets Good News From Judge After Son’s Custody Loss

Amber Portwood

MTV Amber Portwood is now able to have FaceTime video calls with her son, 4-year-old James, after a judge lifted a no-contact order against ex her-boyfriend, Andrew Glennon.

Things are looking up for “Teen Mom” star Amber Portwood. The star is now able to have FaceTime video calls with her son, 4-year-old James, after a judge lifted a no-contact order against ex her-boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, The Sun reported.

In July, a judge determined Glennon could move to his home state, California, with James, meaning Portwood would be thousands of miles away from her son. Portwood hails from Indiana, which is where her daughter, 13-year-old Leah, lives with her father, Gary Shirley; stepmom, Kristina Anderson and her half-sister, 7-year-old Emilee.

But seeing James in real-time will be a little easier for Portwood, who is “entitled to liberal telephone calls and or FaceTime communication with the child,” the judge wrote in his ruling, per The Sun.

The court asked Portwood and Glennon to agree on a schedule, but if they cannot, the judge ordered for the FaceTime calls to take place three times a week — every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday — at 5:30 pm PT, according to The Sun.

Though James will be away from his maternal family, Glennon told the court he would be moving to California to be with his mother, sister and her fiance, per The Sun.

Portwood lost custody of James in 2019 after she was charged with domestic battery. She pleaded guilty to domestic battery and intimidation and was sentenced to three years of probation.

Portwood Became Emotional Seeing James’ Bedroom

On a preview for “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter,” which has been following Portwood’s custody battle, she became emotional when she went into her son’s room.

“This was James’ room,” she tells Shirley during the scene.

It wasn’t immediately clear if it was the room James had when he was living with Glennon in Indiana, or if it was the room James had at her rental house.

The cameras pan toward the room, a space that is mostly empty. There’s a mattress on the floor, a standing fan, some folded blankets, and a crumpled-up children’s shirt on the floor.

Behind the teaser ends, Portwood unleashes a litany of expletives.

Portwood puts forward a different demeanor on social media, sharing positive and uplifting messages.

“The most difficult part is to overcome how you think about yourself,” she wrote in one message. “I know I’m not alone.”

“Every breakthrough, begins with a breakdown,” she penned another post. “I’m always a work in progress. You’ve seen me at my worst and have also seen me at my best. It’s not easy and I hope my story continues to help those who understand my journey.”

Portwood Has Been Sparring With Ashey Jones

The bit of good news for Portwood comes after she became entangled in a social media battle with her co-star, Ashley Jones.

Jones leaked a recorded phone conversation between herself and Portwood, where she threatened Jones.

“You’re literally deranged,” Jones told Portwood on speakerphone. “What the f*** are you on bro, calling my phone?”

Portwood responded with a flurry of profanities.

She told Jones she would “mutilate her a**.”

“You f***** with the wrong b**** you dumba**. You’re f****** stupid,” Portwood screamed.

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