Kristina Shirley Slams Amber Portwood’s Instagram Rant

Kristina Shirley

MTV "Teen Mom OG" star Kristina Shirley broke her silence on Amber Portwood's Instagram rant.

“Teen Mom OG” star Kristina Anderson Shirley broke her silence on Amber Portwood’s Instagram rant from March 2020. Anderson — who is married to Portwood’s ex, Gary Shirley — denied Portwood’s allegations during the premiere episode of “Teen Mom OG” season nine B on September 7.

“I’ve gotten about 61 messages,” Anderson told Shirley. “Apparently, your baby mama has gone on Instagram rants again. This time attacking me for probably 45 minutes. I’m totally ignoring it but I got called some names. I’ve been called a whore, a homewrecker — things that aren’t true.”

Portwood, 31, was sentenced to five years in prison in January 2012 on drug-related charges, Us Weekly reported. She was released after serving 16 months.

Shirley denied that he cheated on Portwood with Anderson. “Obviously, you’re not either of those, I mean she knew. I told her,” he said. “Six months before she got out of prison I said I met someone and she knew.”

Later in the episode, Portwood said she was confused why Leah, Shirley and Anderson weren’t answering her messages.

Shirley Hinted Portwood Was Jealous of Anderson’s Relationship With Leah

Shirley claimed Portwood was lashing out at his wife because Portwood is jealous of Anderson’s relationship with Leah, the 12-year-old daughter Shirley and Portwood share.

“Obviously, Leah doesn’t want to be around her so she’s attacking the person Leah does want to be around. It’s nothing personal. It would be anyone who was in your shoes,” he said. “That’s why. That’s what it is. I just hope Leah doesn’t see or hear about it.”

Anderson was dubious Leah wouldn’t find out about her biological mother’s diatribe on social media. “It’s just a matter of time before Leah does hear about it from somebody at school,” she said. “And then it’s going to be another embarrassment.”

Shirley suggested that his ex step away from Instagram.

“That’s the thing about Amber,” he said. “Amber doesn’t see the hurt and the pain she’s continuing to cause her daughter by doing this. If she could just keep her a** off social media.”

Anderson agreed: “It’s neverending, that’s for sure.”

Portwood Said Anderson Spoils Her Daughter

Portwood hinted that Leah favors Anderson because she buys her love.

“Kristina doesn’t do anything for Leah,” the “Teen Mom OG” star said in her March 2020 tirade. “She doesn’t take care of my daughter.”

Anderson “spoil[s]” her,” Portwood continued, per Us Weekly. “[Leah] respects her because she brings her out to Starbucks, gets her nails done, and spends over $1,000 of clothing on her.”

“Hell, I’d respect her too,” she added. “See, I wasn’t raised that way.”

The “Teen Mom OG” star then blamed Anderson for breaking up her family.

“I went to jail. I got depressed and now for years I’ve been trying and my daughter has not stayed with me for over 20 months,” she said. “When I was in prison I was told that when I got out I would have my family and all the while I was being cheated on. When you’re a whore, you’re a whore. When you’re a homewrecker, you’re a homewrecker.”

To find out what happens next, don’t miss “Teen Mom OG” when it airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on MTV.

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