Amber Portwood Breaks Down Over Relationship With Leah

Amber Portwood

MTV "Teen Mom OG" star Amber Portwood had an emotional therapy session on the September 14 episode of the MTV reality show.

“Teen Mom OG” star Amber Portwood had an emotional therapy session on the September 14 episode of the MTV reality show.

Portwood and her daughter, 12-year-old Leah, had a falling out last season after the “Teen Mom OG” star missed her daughter’s birthday. Since then, Leah has refused to see her mother and hasn’t answered her calls. She currently lives with Portwood’s ex, Gary Shirley, and his wife, Kristina Anderson.

During a conversation with one of her producers, Portwood jabbed at Anderson.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen her,” Portwood said about connecting with Leah. “She hasn’t even answered any of my text messages. “She’s not going to answer my phone calls. But she has a Bonus Mom, so … ridiculous way to speak, I’m sorry.”

Anderson referred to herself as Leah’s “bonus mom” when the 12-year-old said that she doesn’t need Portwood because she had her stepmother.

To fix their strained relationship, Portwood suggested she and Leah go to therapy together but Shirley didn’t think it was a good idea.

“Gary’s radio silence tells me he’s not going to insist that Leah go with me,” Portwood confessed.

Shirley Doesn’t Want to Force Leah Into Therapy

When it comes to Portwood and Leah, Shirley wants to do what is right for their daughter before anyone else.

“I’m not gonna sit here and make Leah go somewhere because it’ll help Amber,” Shirley told Anderson. “How can I encourage Leah to do something she doesn’t wanna do, if her mom’s not doing what she needs to do?”

Shirley reasoned the onus was on Portwood to make things better. “If there’s gonna be any kind of reuniting, it’s gonna have to be like, ‘Hey, Amber’s really dug deep and really done what she needed to do to be the mother she needs to be,'” he added.

Missing Leah’s birthday party isn’t Portwood’s only recent offense.

She also went on an Instagram rant where she accused Shirley of cheating on her while she was in prison and called Anderson a “homewrecker” and a “whore.” Leah’s parents were sure if they had seen her mother’s diatribe, but were afraid people at school would bring it to her attention.

Anderson Slammed Portwood’s Tirade

The premiere of “Teen Mom OG” season nine B kicked off with Anderson addressing Portwood’s Instagram harangue. 

“I’ve gotten about 61 messages,” the nursing student told her husband. “Apparently, your baby mama has gone on Instagram rants again. This time attacking me for probably 45 minutes. I’m totally ignoring it but I got called some names. I’ve been called a whore, a homewrecker — things that aren’t true.”

Portwood spent 16 months in prison in 2012 on drug-related charges, Us Weekly reported. During her infamous March 2021 Instagram rant, she claimed Shirley broke up their family.

“Obviously, you’re not either of those, I mean she knew. I told her,” Shirley said about Portwood’s cheating allegations. “Six months before she got out of prison I said I met someone and she knew.”

To find out what happens next, don’t miss “Teen Mom OG” when it airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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