Amber Portwood Reveals Daughter Leah Is ‘Embarrassed’ by Her

Amber Portwood

YouTube Amber Portwood

“Teen Mom” star Amber Portwood recently opened up about her troubled relationship with her twelve-year-old daughter Leah on an episode of “Teen Mom: Family Reunion.”

The Indiana native told Us Weekly in January 2022 that her relationship with Leah is improving. The mother-daughter duo has had a tumultuous relationship over the years, mainly due to trust issues stemming from Amber’s struggles with addiction.

Amber’s ex, Gary Shirley, has primary custody of Leah, but Amber is allowed visitation. The mother-of-two told Us Weekly that her relationship with Leah is in a better place, telling the publication, “I can’t speak for Leah, but when we’re around each other now, it’s night and day. It’s just beautiful.”

Amber and Leah have been working hard on improving their relationship, but the MTV star recently opened up about how past mistakes still haunt them.

Leah Is ‘Embarrassed’ by Amber

Amber talked about her strained relationship with Leah on a January 25 episode of “Teen Mom: Family Reunion.” The 31-year-old opened up to her “Teen Mom” castmates about her troubled relationship with her daughter.

“She doesn’t want to do anything with me,” she said in the episode. At one point, Amber’s co-star, Cheyenne Floyd, asked Amber to confirm that Leah has previously said she is embarrassed by Amber.

“She’s said it before,” Amber replied.

The “So, You’re Crazy Too?” author told her castmates on the January 25 episode that her past addiction issues seriously affected her relationship with Leah. The “16 and Pregnant” alum owned up to her past mistakes, stating, “there’s no excuse. I wasn’t sober. I had to get sober,’ she said in the episode. “I finally got sober. I was seeing Leah but then had this void. I started seeing all these men. There’s no excuse.”

Amber on Farrah’s Arrest

According to E! News, Amber’s “Teen Mom” co-star Farrah Abraham was recently arrested on “suspicion of misdemeanor assault” after allegedly slapping a security guard on November 15.

Farrah has denied any wrongdoing, stating, “It is terrifying and traumatizing that people attack me and I cannot even enjoy dinner as I’m the only person out of three attacked and harassed.” The “Teen Mom” alum said that the claims against her were part of a “conspiracy,” E! News reported. She even went as far as to say she’s getting a law degree to protect herself from “conspired attacks.”

E! News recently caught up with Amber and asked for her take on Farrah’s recent “conspiracy” claims. Amber told the publication in January 2022 that she doesn’t believe her co-star’s statements. She opened up to the publication about her own run-ins with the law and learning to take responsibility.

“I went through so much of my life way worse and if I sat there and never took responsibility for what I’ve done and say that everything was a set-up, I mean honestly I would just look like a fool,” she told the outlet. “Nothing’s a set-up. You act the way that you act and things happen. Can I say that some people might not like you? Yes, but that’s not against the law.”




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