Amber Portwood Shows Off New Appearance After Filming Reunion

Amber Portwodo

MTV "Teen Mom OG" star Amber Portwood showed off a new look after she attended the reunion.

“Teen Mom OG” star Amber Portwood showed off a new look after she attended the reunion. The Indiana native enjoyed some pampering for the taping with her co-stars, which took place in Los Angeles this year. Portwood had a full face of makeup and curled hair.

“I love getting my hair and makeup done,” she wrote via Instagram on October 24, 2021. “It is like a massage to me lol.” The post garnered nearly 25,000 likes and hundreds of comments from her 1.7 million followers.

While most of the responses on Instagram were positive, fans on Reddit had a different view of Portwood’s new selfie. “This is not a look of love Amber,” the original poster wrote.

Many people on Reddit accused Portwood of using a filter to alter her image. Other people were concerned about her hair.

“So much breakage,” one person wrote. “She really needs to give her hair a break – no coloring or perming, no heat, no tight ass buns. Just regular trims and deep conditioning treatments.”

“Looks like those shitty glamour photography shoots that everyone got in 1991,” another person wrote. “And yet somehow Amber has made the photo quality worse than it was 30 years ago.”

Portwood Was Pictured With a New Man After Coming Out


The latest season of “Teen Mom OG” was the first time Portwood publicly came out as bisexual.

Shortly after coming out, Portwood was spotted with a new man in Los Angeles. However, he didn’t appear to be a romantic interest. An insider told The Sun that the man was a member of MTV.

Though her sexual orientation was not known by her fans, MTV producers or mother, Portwood claimed her ex-boyfriend, Gary Shirley, knew.

The “Teen Mom OG” star feared her family would be “embarrassed” about her queerness, but she wanted them to know because she was going to talk about it in her upcoming book.

Portwood Thought People Would Be ‘Shocked’

Portwood figured the news about her sexuality would surprise fans.

“I’ve been dealing with — I really don’t know how to say it [in front of people] because it’s still kind of scary — being bisexual and being attracted [to women] since I was 12,” she said on Instagram. “But not really acting on it until I was older, obviously. And coming out at the age of 31 after so many years… it took a lot and I just want to thank all of my fans and my supporters.”

Portwood wanted to thank people for their support. “Not just people who are in the community but people who are straight… they are just really behind me,” she said. “I’m happy. Thank you guys for accepting me for who I am.”

Portwood wanted to come out for her children, 12-year-old Leah and 3-year-old James.

“Leah and James are actually a really big factor why. I don’t want them to ever think it’s bad and I don’t want them to think other people who are like this are bad,” she said. “Who am I to sit here and hide forever? Which is what I was actually planning on anyway. I was going to go to the grave with this.”

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