Amber Portwood Storms Off Reunion During Fight With Gary Shirley

Amber Portwood

MTV "Teen Mom OG" star Amber Portwood slammed her "garbage" ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley after she learned a "secret" about their daughter, 13-year-old Leah.

“Teen Mom OG” star Amber Portwood slammed her “garbage” ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley after she learned a “secret” about their daughter, 13-year-old Leah. The eruption took place during part one of the “Teen Mom OG” reunion on November 30, 2021.

Portwood, 31, has been struggling to reconnect with her daughter after she failed to show up to her birthday party last year. Leah lives full-time with her father, half-sister Emilee, and her stepmom, Kristina Anderson Shirley.

Leah was also upset and embarrassed by Portwood’s Instagram rants, especially one where Portwood insulted Leah’s stepmom.

Since then, Portwood has apologized to Leah and tried to give her some space, but Portwood also expressed to Shirley that she wanted to go to therapy with Leah so they could work through their issues with a professional.

Before Shirley came on stage, Portwood told reunion host Dr. Drew Pinsky that their relationship was “good” and she takes her ex “for what he is,” but when he joined her on the couch things quickly took a turn.

Shirley revealed Leah had been in therapy. “She is speaking to somebody now, a professional,” he said. “You probably didn’t know this. Per Leah’s request, she didn’t want it to be talked about. I have her permission, to talk about it, make it known.”

“Part of Leah going, she didn’t want anybody knowing. They’re working on different things she can do to help the communication start between her mom and her,” Shirley added. “She’s gone, I think, about 10 [times].”

Portwood Was Upset Shirley Didn’t Tell Her About Leah’s Therapy

While Portwood agreed Leah didn’t have to tell her she was speaking to a professional, the “Teen Mom OG” star argued Shirley should have let her know what was happening. Instead of putting the onus on her daughter, she blamed her ex for not keeping her in the loop.

“Here’s the thing, I’m the mother of her, I need to understand what Leah is going through, so I believe the communication should be there for that,” she told Shirley. “I also think that Leah is a child, she is not an adult, I am her mother. She doesn’t need to say anything, but you can tell me.”

Shirley disagreed and said he didn’t want to break his daughter’s trust.

Portwood Accused the Shirleys of Making Drama & Keeping ‘Secrets’

Pinsky tried to reconcile the discrepancy by telling Portwood that Shirley made “an error” or “mistake” in her view, but Portwood did not calm down.

“You came out here with some bull c***. I just found out, on camera, of course. Everything that you do is for television. Done. Everything he does is for television,” she said. “I’m out, bye! Live your life.”

Portwood walked off stage, but then turned back to continue to yell at her ex.

“And by your way, your first class ticket coming back, you’re not f****** sitting with me,” she said “You can’t use me for s*** for the rest of your f****** life and for your money. How do you have your money today, Gary?”

Shirley sardonically told Portwood he had money because of her, and then asked if she was finally going to walk away.

She called Shirley “garbage” under her breath and then started to take her ire out on a “Teen Mom” producer who was standing off stage. “He can keep making his money off of me,” she said. “This is ridiculous…I’m done.”

The mic then picked up what Portwood was saying to Anderson. “Kristina, you wanna keep secrets from me? I’m the mother,” she said. “I would have just liked to know she was even going, that would have been nice.”

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