‘Teen Mom’ Baby Daddy Accused of Exploiting Son for Money

Ambert Portwood

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“Teen Mom” star Amber Portwood’s baby daddy, Andrew Glennon, has been accused of offering fans the opportunity to meet their son so long as they donated money to his GoFundMe, according to The Sun.

The outlet reported that during the testimony in March 2022, Glennon was asked about a game he created called Preggy Brain, which is a “pregnancy trivia game.”

Glennon explained, “It was inspired by the birth of James, and reading all the pregnancy books and I wanted there to be a finding easy way to get all the same information in a card game.”

Portwood’s attorney asked questions about a GoFundMe Glennon had created to help fund the idea. The Sun reported the attorney as asking: “And specifically for $10,000, you agreed that anyone could be flown out to have dinner with the creators and meet the little angel who started this all that’s referring to James, is that correct?”

Glennon said he had.

When Portwood’s attorney asked: “So, if someone was willing to pay $10,000 You were willing to let them have access to James, is that correct?”

Glennon responded, “No, no, no, not entirely. I mean, the way that I thought of it was, since I’m always in the care of James, that if I meet anybody, James is always gonna be with me.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Portwood & Glennon’s Ongoing Custody Battle

Portwood and Glennon have been embroiled in a nasty custody battle since separating in 2019.

In 2020, People reported that Portwood was granted a restraining order amid the custody battle. Court records obtained by the outlet showed the order was put forth for “preventing interference with respondent’s parenting time.”

Then, in June 2021, a source told The Sun, “The last mediation they had didn’t go favorably for Amber. They’ve been trying to work out an agreement in mediation but they just haven’t been able to get anything settled. Now, this is likely headed for trial.”

That October, The Sun reported that Glennon requested for Portwood to take a hair follicle test. Papers obtained by the outlet showed that Portwood had a “history of substance abuse, even while pregnant with and subsequently caring for the minor child herein.”

Glennon also claimed he had “witnessed Amber under the influence of illegal drugs previously, specifically methamphetamine,” according to The Sun.

Glennon Has Featured ‘Preggy Brain’ on His Instagram

On March 10, 2020, Glennon posted about the game on Instagram.

He wrote, “While waiting for James to enter this worldly realm, I buried myself in pregnancy books trying to best prepare for what was coming.”

Glennon continued by describing the game as a “fun and brightly illustrated pregnancy trivia card game aimed at educating while helping pass the time of pregnancy.”

At another point in the post, he wrote, “All proceeds will go towards the printing and marketing of this game, which is owned by my son, James.”

The GoFundMe for the trivia card game was created in March 2020. It is no longer active but shows that Glennon raised $60.

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