Ashley Jones Leaks ‘Deranged’ Phone Call With Amber Portwood

Ashley Jones Amber Portwood

MTV "Teen Mom" star Ashley Jones leaked an explosive phone call with Amber Portwood.

“Teen Mom” star Amber Portwood was not happy with Ashley Jones after she “twerked” in front of her van while the reunion for “Family Reunion” and “The Next Chapter” was being filmed. According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, the “Teen Mom: Family Reunion” reunion is going to be called, “The Aftermath.”

Jones and her husband, Bariki Smith, hopped on social media to deny the twerking incident. Jones claims she was making a TikTok and didn’t know any of the “Teen Mom” ladies were in the van because the windows were tinted.

As all the drama spilled onto social media — with Catelynn Baltierra and Jade Cline condemning Jones — she leaked a phone call made by Portwood.

“You called me. You’re literally deranged,” Jones tells Portwood on speakerphone. “What the f*** are you on bro, calling my phone?”

She tried to sell the phone call via Instagram subscriptions for $4.99, but a fan who purchased the recording leaked it online. 

“B**** I am,” Portwood tells her co-star.

The phone call is filled with profanities, with Portwood telling Jones she should pray she never sees her again because she will “mutilate her a**.”

“You f***** with the wrong b**** you dumba**. You’re f****** stupid,” Portwood screamed into the phone. Jones didn’t seem threatened by the call and started to giggle, which only infuriated Portwood more.

Jones cut off the recording after alleging Portwood was on drugs.

Portwood Allegedly Threatened Jones Over Leaking The Messages

In the next round of leaked information, Jones shared some text messages that were reportedly sent to her by Portwood.

“Hey Ashley please share what you would like to leak??? Read your contract and understand what is says! Don’t ever think you can speak about anyone on here and the children involved.,” she said. “You are absolutely a complete liar and don’t dare disregard my words.”

It’s not clear what Jones might have said — or didn’t say — about Portwood’s two children — 13-year-old Leah and 4-year-old James. Portwood lost custody of James to her ex — Andrew Glennon — and the father-and-son moved to California in mid-October.

“If your mom would like to call me so I can share what you said about my children… I would absolutely love to tell her what her daughter said,” the text continued. “This crap does not belong on this show. You have been now disruptive and disrespectful to many many people. For me I have no anger. However, I will not deal with ignorant immature threats.”

The Cast Threatened to Quit if Ashley Jones Isn’t Fired

The cast was displeased with Jones’ actions and threatened to quit the series if Jones continues.

According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, they were offended when Jones twerked at their van as they were leaving.

“A lot of the girls found it super-disrespectful and it really angered one girl in particular, someone who had not had any previous disagreements with Ashley and had previously liked her,” an insider told The Ashley. “That girl confronted Ashley later on the phone and that conversation ended in a huge argument. No one got physical but it probably would have if the conversation had been in-person.”

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Melicia Chester
Melicia Chester
3 months ago

I think amber should have stayed out of this because it will back fire on here with her child custody case it will show that she is the still same amber year’s ago with Gary and now with her other baby daddy. And I promise he will use that. Because he is a loser and he wants the child support and she just gave him more proof that she has anger problems. Please try to make this right you should be with your baby.

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