EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Cheyenne Bryant Addresses Ashley Jones Fighting While Pregnant

Dr Cheyenne Bryant

Dr. Cheyenne Bryant Life Coach Dr. Cheyenne Bryant said she was heartbroken when she found out Ashley Jones was pregnant.

“Teen Mom” life coach Dr. Cheyenne Bryant, who is hosting the retreat on season 2 of “Family Reunion,” weighed in on Ashley Jones fighting with Briana DeJesus while she was pregnant. Jones spit on DeJesus and DeJesus threw a canteen at Jones, leading to both the girls — as well as their mothers, Roxanne DeJesus and Tasheilia “Pastor Tea” Chapple — to be sent home. 

Bryant, 39, said she was heartbroken for Jones, 25.

“My heart broke for her for a couple of reasons,” Bryant told Heavy in a phone interview. “Prior to saying that she was pregnant, she mentioned that Bar was in jail… and that Bar was looking at facing five years. So if you watch the episode… it’s very rare that I become so emotional that my tears kinda well up, but I’m always emotionally connected. Because that’s just how I am naturally, I lead with a lot of compassion and love for my moms, my ‘Teen Moms.'”

As shown on “Family Reunion,” Bryant looked visibly surprised to find out Jones was expecting. “You’re pregnant right now?” Bryant asked on the episode. “Oh, my God.”

Jones told Bryant she was two-and-a-half months along. She is already the mother of 5-year-old Holly, whom she shares with Smith.

Jones said on “Teen Mom: Family Reunion” she hadn’t “processed anything” because the day after she found out she was pregnant, her husband, Bar Smith, was arrested in August 2022. Police said he was a “fugitive from another state,” a felony charge, according to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup. 

The charge was related to a previous “DUI, willful discharge of a firearm, and negligent manner arrests,” according to The Sun. Smith was released from jail in September 2022, the outlet reported.

There has been some debate among the “Teen Mom” cast about when and if they knew that Jones was pregnant when the fight occurred. Catelynn Lowell maintains that she leaked Jones’ secret because she thought it was the right thing to do.

Bryant Said Jones and Smith Made the ‘Best Decision’ For Their Family

Bryant said Smith’s incarceration put Jones in a tough position.

“At that moment my heart broke for her. I thought, wait a minute, your husband’s in jail, you’re pregnant, you already have one daughter, you are married… How do you make that decision when he’s possibly facing five years in jail, which means you would be a single mother raising two children?” Bryant said to Heavy. “You would be going through this entire delivery process by yourself. That’s a lot. That’s heavy.”

Smith’s legal woes aside, Bryant said the couple was still “working through a lot of their stuff.”

Bryant wanted to be able to support Jones without “any bias toward her decision of what to do with their child.”

“She just’s in a very, very hard spot,” Bryant told Heavy about Jones. “I believe that Ashley and Bar collectively made the best decision for their family.”

Jones Had Mixed Emotions About the Pregnancy

During the episode, Jones said she wasn’t sure when Bryant asked if she was going to keep the baby.

“I don’t even know. Although I feel like I want to keep this baby, the reality is s*** ain’t right right now,” Jones said. “I’m just hanging on by a thread.”

In November 2022, Jones confirmed she was no longer pregnant.

“I know you guys are wondering but I’m not in a space to disclose that,” Jones wrote on social media, according to The Sun. “I’m still processing… Thank you for being concerned.”

Season 2 of “Teen Mom: Family Reunion” airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern time on MTV.

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