PHOTO: Chelsea Houska Posts New Pic of Aubree & Cole DeBoer

Adam Lind

MTV Former "Teen Mom 2" star Chelsea Houska shared a new photo of her eldest daughter.

“Teen Mom” fans love whenever Chelsea Houska shares a new photo of her eldest daughter, 13-year-old Aubree, and this time around, a number of viewers claimed the teenager is starting to resemble her biological father, Adam Lind.

Houska, 31, went to a Backstreet Boys concert with Aubree and her husband, Cole Deboer. The trio posed together with their arms around each other.

“Had to show Aubree some real music. swipe to see when we were staying in the same hotel as BSB and I met,” Houska captioned the photo, which garnered more than 124,000 likes from her 6.6 million Instagram followers.

As promised, the last picture in the photo dump featured Houska standing next to Backstreet Boys singer Howie D.

The former MTV stars attended the concert with Mandi V. Keshel, Houska’s producer from “Teen Mom 2.” The two have kept in touch since Houska quit the series, with DeBoer, Houska and Aubree attending her wedding last year.

Aubree is the only child Houska shares with Lind.

After meeting DeBoer in 2014, they went on to get married and welcome three children together: 5-year-old Watson, 4-year-old Layne and 1-year-old Walker June.

Houska and DeBoer hinted Walker might be their last baby, but they didn’t rule out future children for sure.

Fans Said Aubree Looks Like Her Father

The new photo of Aubree made its way over to Reddit. An original poster shared a side-by-side image of Aubree next to Lind and asked social media users if they thought Aubree resembled her father.

“Aubree has Adam’s eyes. She’s is so pretty and grown!” one person said.

“I think it’s because he’s her dad,” another person snarked.

Other people said they only saw Houska in Aubree.

“I cannot see anything similar for the life of me lol,” they said. “I only see Chelsea in Aubree.”

Aubree And Lind Are Not Close

One of Houska’s main storylines on “Teen Mom 2” was Aubree’s relationship with Lind. DeBoer regularly stepped in to take her to the father-daughter dance, with DeBoer saying that he’d adopt Aubree in a heartbeat.

DeBoer and Houska were also frustrated when Aubree got her first phone and Lind didn’t reach out to talk to her directly.

In a rare update in February 2022, Houska confessed that Aubree and Lind still aren’t close.

“There’s no, like, setup time to see him,” Houska said on Instagram live. “Since I know a lot of people want to know that stuff.”

Despite not being close to his daughter, Houska said her ex is doing well.

“I think he’s doing pretty good,” she said. “I don’t know because I don’t speak to him personally, but I have heard some good things, that he’s in a good place.”

Houska quit “Teen Mom 2” in November 2020 because she didn’t feel comfortable about some of the things she and Aubree were discussing on camera. She wanted her daughter to have more privacy.

Houska was reportedly asked to join the new “Teen Mom” series, but she seemingly declined.

To find out what happens next, don’t miss “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter” when it airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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