Why a ‘Teen Mom’ Cast Member Was Arrested at a Family Party

Ashley Jones

MTV "Teen Mom" star Ashley Jones sounded off after fans discovered her partner, Bar Smith, was arrested on May 16.

“Teen Mom’s” Bar Smith was arrested at Ashley Jones’ college graduation party, and fans witnessed the incident during the season finale of the series on July 20.

After viewers experienced the fun and games of Jones’ graduation festivities, the party got “out of hand and the 24-year-old [Smith] fired off his gun,” according to The Sun.

As indicated by the text presented on the screen during the finale, the filming crew from MTV left at 9 pm that night, but later on, police responded to reports of gunshots fired. The onscreen text read, “Bar was arrested for willful discharge of a firearm in a negligent manner.”

Where is Smith today? Are he and Jones still together?

Here’s what you need to know:

Bar Smith’s Arrest History

This is not the first time Smith has been arrested. In 2015, according to Starcasm, he was charged with meth possession, providing false information to an officer, and trespassing.

According to the outlet, the reality star pleaded guilty on all three counts. He later received three years probation for the transgression.

Then, in 2017, the outlet reported that Smith was once again arrested “after an altercation with Ashley and her parents.”

In 2018, Smith made headlines once again when he was booked for domestic battery involving Jones.

In response to Smith’s mother’s assertion that Jones was at fault for Smith’s arrest, Starcasm quotes Jones as saying, “I didn’t put anyone in jail. Maybe if you taught your kids to keep their hands to themselves more of them would have college degrees instead of criminal records. I found my courage today. And I thank the officers that came out and helped me.”

Smith & Jones’ Relationship History

Jones and Smith were engaged during the first season of “Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant.” They then separated in May 2019, according to In Touch.

In November 2020, in an Instagram post that has since been removed, they announced that they were getting married once again. Per In Touch, Smith wrote, “I’m marrying her y’all,” referencing a photo of Jones and their daughter, Holly.

Their relationship has been tumultuous ever since.

In July, after Jones announced that the couple had broken up in an Instagram post that has since been removed, The Sun spoke to Smith’s mother, Shen Williams.

Williams shared with The Sun, “They’re not split up, they’re good. Relationships have some issues. It just seems to be blown up in social media when you’re in the public eye.”

Williams continued, “I’m rooting for them then no matter what. They are young. I feel like they are good for each other and will have issues just like anyone else. I do not get in their domestic issues unless they ask for advice. Bar is good doing what he needs to do. Him and Ashley will work things out.”

Ahead of the Season 2 premiere, Smith called out MTV for “not acknowledging [him] as a father.”

He wrote, “Y’all gone get enough of not acknowledging me as a father and important figure on this show.”

In a 2019 interview with Now Entertainment, Smith was asked what it was like to become a dad for the first time. He replied, “Becoming a father for the first time really woke me up, it was scary as hell. Transitioning from the lifestyle I was living to understanding responsibility and accepting that I now had a entire human to take care of and teach was scary but it felt amazing at the same time. I do plan on releasing a song for her I’ve already started working on so look out for it!”

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