‘Teen Mom’ Star Dad Unrecognizable in New Pics

Teen Mom Dad

MTV The "Teen Mom" star showed off some noticeable changes to his appearance.

“Teen Mom 2” star Bar Smith looked noticeably different in a new photo he shared to Instagram. The father-of-one has been undergoing a change, which started with removing his face tattoos — or “four brows” — last month. As he continues to evolve, Smith showed off his “mature” style.

Smith, 24, only used the bare feet emoji to caption his Instagram post on September 27, bringing attention to his camel Chelsea boots.

His fiancee, “Teen Mom 2” star Ashley Jones, approved of his look. “I think you look nice dressed this way ❤️,” she told him. “Thank youuu❤️ I’m trying a lil somn somn different,” he told his partner.

Smith’s mom, Shen Williams, also chimed in. “He does and he looks mature ❤️,” Williams wrote, agreeing with Jones. “It’s a good look son 🔥.”

Smith and Jones share a 4-year-old daughter, Holly, together. The couple was promoted to “Teen Mom 2” after Chelsea Houska announced she was leaving the series in October 2020. Before that, Jones and Smith appeared on “Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant,” where they navigated their own relationship and dealt with outside factors, like Smith’s mom, Williams.

Williams and Jones haven’t always had the best relationship. In April 2020, they got into a public fight on social media after Jones essentially accused Williams of being a “deadbeat grandmother,” In Touch Weekly reported. When MTV confirmed Jones and Smith would be replacing Houska and Cole DeBoer on “Teen Mom 2,” Williams said she wasn’t interested in appearing on reality TV again.

Williams Accused MTV of Being Phony

Williams’ fractured relationship with her future daughter-in-law also caused a strain with her son. When rumors started to swirl that Jones was replacing Houska on “Teen Mom 2,” Williams revealed she wouldn’t be joining them on MTV again.

“U couldn’t pay me enough to take part in that s*** show, love. I didn’t film Season two, love. I just got paid,” she wrote on Instagram in December 2020, as captured by fan page Teen Mom Tea. “The level of lies and trauma me and my youngest daughter went thru no money is worth that mess nor fame.”

“I’m happy for them but I won’t sell my soul and peace or real for no check. It’s not my thing. … Season one of lies was enough for me,” she said, referring to her time on “Young and Pregnant.”

Smith Shared the Tattoo Removal Process

Smith has already undergone two treatments to have his “four brows” removed. The MTV star originally had “NORM” and “YR474” tattooed above both of his eyebrows in May 2019 after his friends died, Starcasm reported.

“I’m sad to say but I think it’s time,” he wrote via Instagram Stories in May 2021, according to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup. “It was a good time not a long time.”

“My brothers [who I got the tattoos for] would’ve been mad at me for this s*** anyway,” he added. “#RipYr #CipNorm Ima put y’all somewhere else. I gotta make a few adjustments for the better though.”

The 24-year-old shared a video that showed him undergoing his second removal treatment. “2nd session done and in the bag! See you in 6 weeks @_egobeauty @jessikarn_ thank you again! Even though I almost die every time I come 😂🔥,” he wrote on August 24.

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