LOOK: Bar Smith’s Mugshot Leaks After His 2022 Arrest in Nevada

Bar Smith Ashley Jones

MTV "Teen Mom" star Bar Smith, also known as Bariki Elimu LockettSmith, was arrested on August 22.

“Teen Mom” star Bar Smith, also known as Bariki Elimu LockettSmith, was arrested on August 22 by the Henderson Police Department in Henderson, Nevada, after police said he was a “fugitive from another state,” a felony charge.

Smith, 25, is being held without bond. His court date is scheduled for September 13, according to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

It wasn’t immediately clear from which state police Smith was avoiding justice, but he had been living in California with his wife, “Teen Mom” star Ashley Jones, and their daughter, 4-year-old Holly.

Smith’s mom, Shen Williams, said her son didn’t know there was a warrant out for his arrest. “Producers hella funny they dropped it quick soon as they were told! So for the record my son had a warrant he didn’t know he had. His lawyer did not call him,” she wrote via Facebook on August 31.

Jones didn’t immediately respond to Heavy’s request for comments about her husband’s arrest.

Smith’s Mugshot Was Leaked

Smith’s mugshot wasn’t posted by Henderson Detention Center, but the image began to leak online after The Sun obtained a copy.

The “Teen Mom” star stares at the camera, with his infamous eyebrow tattoos, “NORM” and “YR474”– the names of his friends who died from gang violence — featured front and center.

Smith had been in the process of removing the “four brows” from his face because he wanted to move his life in a “different direction.”

“I’m lasering away these face tattoos y’all,” Bar wrote in May 2021, per The Ashley. “Y’all better get y’all jokes out now. No more 4 brows. NONE OF THAT soon.”

“I’m sad to say but I think it’s time,” he added. “It was a good time not a long time.”

“My brothers [who I got the tattoos for] would’ve been mad at me for this s*** anyway,” Smith said. “#RipYr #CipNorm Ima put y’all somewhere else. I gotta make a few adjustments for the better though.”

Smith & Jones’ Drama Is Slated to Play Out on ‘The Next Chapter’

Smith and Jones are one of the “Teen Mom” couples who decided to proceed with “The Next Chapter,” and Jones’ bio for the new revamp series hinted there was a lot going on with them.

“Ashley’s world is turned upside down when Bar checks himself into rehab. Once he’s back home, Ashley gets accepted to nursing school and moves her family to Nevada,” it says. 

In the teaser for the series, Jones says, “I’m carrying a heavy load right now, it’s hard on everybody.”

Smith has been battling legal problems for years. He was arrested for DUI and had to wear an ankle monitor, which was featured on “Teen Mom 2,” to make sure he didn’t drink alcohol.

“It was pretty much the entire time that I was fighting the case that I had to keep it on because they wanted to make sure that I didn’t access any alcohol, which I was pissed off about in the very beginning but it worked out for the best because at the end of the day I do have an addiction, so it worked out to help me get as far away from it as I could,” he said.

Smith was arrested again, this time in May 2021, and charged with willful discharge of a firearm, In Touch Weekly reported. He never showed up to court, leading a judge to put out a bench warrant for him to be arrested, In Touch Weekly added.

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