Barbara Evans Refutes Jenelle’s Custody Claim About Jace

Jenelle Evans

MTV/YouTube/Jenelle Evans Looks like "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans might have counted her chickens before they hatched.

Looks like Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans might have counted her chickens before they hatched. After claiming on January 16 that she had regained custody of her son Jace, Jenelle’s mom, Barbara Evans, said that isn’t exactly the case. During an interview with TMZ the following day, the North Carolina grandmother told the publication Jenelle had “misspoken” and that Jenelle does not have full custody of Jace–she does.

Jenelle, 29, signed over her legal rights of Jace to Barbara, 65, before he was 1-year-old. Since then, Jenelle has only had visitation rights with her oldest son. Though she’s tried to fight Barbara for custody in the past, Jace has always remained in Barbara’s care.

According to Barbara, the pandemic has changed the way she and Jenelle handle Jace’s custody. The 11-year-old will spend three to four consecutive days at Jenelle’s house on the “The Land” with David Eason and his siblings, partly so he has somewhere different to go during isolation.

Barbara called her daughter when she heard about Jenelle’s claim, where she said, “I have custody of Jace. He lives with me now full-time. My [three] kids are happy, they’re healthy. That’s all that f***ing matters.”

Jenelle told her mother that she made a mistake while speaking in the video and that she understands her mother is Jace’s legal guardian.

Jenelle Asked Fans To Stop Sending Her Hate

Teen Mom 2 was recently added to Netflix, giving new viewers a chance to see the older episodes. That also means some fans are getting to meet Jenelle Evans in her younger years for the first time, and they don’t exactly like what they see.

Jenelle currently has a statement pinned to the top of her Twitter page where she’s asking new viewers to not send her messages about old episodes.

Please stop sending hate just because this is the first time you’ve seen TM2,” she tweeted. “This was from 10 years ago. I have grown a lot since then, learned lots of lessons, and hope all of you were able to relate. Feel like I’m reliving everything all over again with the comments I receive.”

Jenelle Doesn’t Blame Fans For Not Liking Her on Earlier Episodes of ‘Teen Mom 2’

Jenelle doesn’t like the way she acted in earlier episodes of the hit franchise, so she can understand why some people are shocked by her actions. Jenelle wants people to know that she’s grown up since the early days of Teen Mom 2 and that her children are happy and healthy.

“Now let’s not sit here 10 years later and come to my page and hate on me for [the] mistakes that I learned from,” she said. “Let’s not get caught up on the $200 you let me use to get out of jail. Let’s not get caught up on the dumba** men that I dated.”

“I totally get it. I would hate me too if I was watching me, but if you catch up with me now, I’m doing a lot better you guys,” she continued. “Peace love happiness, b**ches.”

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