Bentley Breaks Silence on Situation With Dad Ryan Edwards 


MTV "Teen Mom OG" kid Bentley Edwards told his mom Maci Bookout, and stepfather Taylor McKinney, what it was like when he saw his father after months of not getting together.

Teen Mom OG kid Bentley Edwards told his mom Maci Bookout, and stepfather Taylor McKinney, what it was like when he saw his father after months of not getting together. Bentley’s confession came in the preview for next week’s episode, where he said he didn’t talk much with his father when he went to his house to celebrate his 2-year-old brother’s birthday party.

“Benny, how’d the birthday party go?” Taylor asked.

“There was no interaction… with me and Dad,” the 12-year-old confessed.

On the Teen Mom subreddit, viewers said they felt “so bad for Bentley.”

“His dad is a selfish addict and everyone around him enables him. I feel so bad for Bentley having to deal with all the Edwards and their toxic dynamic,” the original poster wrote.

While Maci, 29, is largely seen as the stable figure in Bentley’s life among fans, the Redditor also criticized the Teen Mom OG star.

“Then on Maci’s side he has more stability but he’s clearly walking on eggshells around her trying to do/say what she wants when it comes to his dad,” they said. “Plus Maci is putting all of this stuff front and center on international television and that’s not right.”

The post garnered dozens of upvotes and comments from viewers who also felt sorry for Bentley.

Ryan Said He Was ‘Dangerous’

During the February 16 episode of Teen Mom OG, Ryan sardonically said he was “dangerous” when the topic of Bentley came up. The Edwards hadn’t seen Bentley in months, but wanted him to come to Jagger’s second birthday party.

Since Ryan and Maci aren’t on speaking terms, Bentley’s paternal grandmother Jen Edwards has been the mediator. “I know you want him to be here for sure but I have to see if that’s a possibility,” Jen explained. “He hasn’t been around you in awhile… I’d be sad if he’s not here for his birthday.”

His wife, Mackenzie Standifer, remarked that Bentley missed Jagger’s first birthday. “We’re dangerous peeps,” Ryan quipped.

The Edwards Blame Maci for Ryan’s’Triggers’

Ryan, 33, is a recovering drug addict who has gone to prison and rehab multiple times because of his drug use. During an episode in Season 9 of Teen Mom OG, his parents–Jen and Larry Edwards–blamed Maci for being one of his “triggers.”

“If Ryan is going to have a healthy life, then he needs to separate him from that,” Larry said, referring to Maci and Bentley. “We were putting a lot of pressure on Ryan all the time.”

“I understand Ryan more now than I have ever understood him before about how important it is for him to focus on what he has and just get away from those triggers because we’ve been to the counseling … and the triggers are across the river,” Larry added.

Toward the end of the clip, Larry looked directly at the camera and apologized to his son. “We were wrong, Ryan,” he said. “We apologize.”

To find out what happens next, don’t miss Teen Mom OG when it airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern time on MTV.

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