4 Teen Mom Stars Sent Home After ‘Nasty’ Fight During Filming

Teen Mom Stars

MTV Four "Teen Mom" stars were told to leave after a "nasty fight" broke out while they were filming "Family Reunion."

It’s safe to say there won’t be a shortage of drama on Season 2 of “Teen Mom: Family Reunion.”

Days before “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter” is slated to debut, The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reported that a major brawl broke out while filming and four “Teen Mom” stars were sent home.

As The Ashely previously reported, Season 2 of “Family Reunion” is being filmed in Oregon and the theme is for the mothers to reconnect with their own mothers. Well, the girls might not have had any problems with their own moms, but things turned physical when Briana DeJesus’ mom, Roxanne, got into a tiff with Ashley Jones’ mom, Tasheilia Chapple, better known as Pastor Tea.

Briana DeJesus, Roxanne DeJesus, Jones and Chapple were all told to back their bags and go home by MTV executives, who “forbid” fighting on Season 2 of “Family Reunion,” The Ashely reported.

Apparently, it all started because Roxanne suggested the grandmothers should support other cast members on social media. Pastor Tea took that as a dig.

“Roxanne made a comment about how the grandmas from the show need to be supportive of each other and [Tea] took it as a jab at her,” a behind-the-scenes source told The Ashley. “She told Roxanne to say what she wanted to say, so Roxanne started talking about some of the stuff Tea has said about Briana on social media.”

“They started screaming and cussing at each other and tried to get at each other but it was broken up by security,” the insider noted.

Jones ‘Spit’ on Briana

The fight didn’t end with the grandmother. The tension escalated when Jones and Pastor Tea confronted Roxanne and Briana.

“Ashley and Tea walked up on [Roxanne and Briana] in the kitchen and they all started screaming at each other,” the source told The Ashely. “That’s when it turned physical. Ashley spit on Briana, and then someone started throwing stuff. It got more physical before it was finally broken up. But all four of the women were fighting each other.”

MTV executives are pretty peeved about the fighting.

“Everyone had to sign documents promising they would not get physical with each other, so now there is a possibility of legal action,” a separate insider told The Ashley.

The Girls Are Both Threatening to Press Charges

After The Ashley published their story, DeJesus and Jones issued statements where they threatened to press charges on each other.

DeJesus claimed Jones is pregnant and said claimed the cast has her back.

“I was going to keep this under wraps because that is apart of the nda we all signed and also bc I am going to press charges,” DeJesus wrote. “I tried to spare u extra grief knowing that ur pregnant now but aim going to stand by what is right.”

“My mother simply addressed an issue and instead of ‘pastor tea taking FULL accountability—she couldn’t handle being in the hot seat and projected and tried to step to my mother,” she continued. “Everything else doesn’t even matter at this point. Ur true actions shined bright that night and now every cast-mate that was there (who also witnessed what happened) will vouch for me.”

Jones said she’d also press charges if that’s the route DeJesus wanted to take.

“I don’t do that police a** s*** but I’ll see you in court if you wanna go there since you and your mother both threw glass at me and mine,” she wrote.

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